To those who discover this site, you may have not heard of some of the things I mentioned in some of the posts, especially if you are from the West. Which is totally understandable. However, if you are from Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand and raised with wise elders, then you may understand these as it would usually be something you have heard happening to someone before.

In this site, I wanted to share more on spiritual aspects of incidents that happen in many aspects of our lives from the perspective of stories that have been shared with me or experience that I’ve gone through myself. As a blogger for more than 10 years, I’ve written on these topics on and off but it is only after I left my corporate job to become a full time caregiver that I have the time to research and understand areas of spiritual influence on a deeper level.

I decided to start a dedicated blog related to this topic in March 2022 after coming across many cases being shared that are clear cut to me have a spiritual cause. This is during the time when I was in various Facebook support group for various illness and was shocked to read how differently illnesses manifested in the West compared to in Asia.

In Asia, you can call us a superstitious bunch or whatever, however with certain symptoms, it would be clear cut to an elder that the illness or incident have a spiritual cause. Then on top of medical treatments, they would also separately consult a spiritual master for a ‘second opinion’. The symptoms often can be relieved through spiritual intervention.

In this blog, you would not find me trying to sell you a course. The only materials that I would like to urge you to read up would be to go back to the fundamental teachings of the faith where you feel you resonate with the most. And most of these text or scriptures can be found for free.

Coming from Malaysia with our diverse background, culture and religious beliefs, I have friends from other religions where we constantly share our experiences. Through affinity I’ve also cross path with wonderful individuals who choose to walk the path of spiritual practice from different faiths. I also know a few free thinkers. My mom’s best friend is a free thinker but she is someone who is really impeccable in her principles- truthfulness, honesty and not harming others.

The most important thing in life is to live our life with a good conscience, do not harm others and do not do to others what we do not wish to be done on ourselves. Really, I’ve lived long enough to see that we really cannot run away. Like spiritual masters and my mom used to say, we can deceive the whole world but the heaven and earth would bear witness to the deeds we commit through words, actions and even thoughts. We are answerable for any unwholesome thought, words or deeds that we commit. There is no running away.


My mother worked as a nurse and my late dad worked in the press. Both of them were not superstitious persons even though my mother worked in one of the oldest hospitals on shifts and my dad worked till midnight to rush the next day’s newspaper story production. I receive a science education all the way to university and was trained to think scientifically.

However, there are incidents that happened in our lives that cannot be explained by science.

When I was a teenager, I had an illness where the neurologist told me there is no cure. And I was not expected to live past my 20s at the severe rate of each seizure attacks. My mom had me medicated which did not stop the seizures. Her friend recommended a spiritual master who got angry with my mom for being so ignorant to send me for swimming lessons on the Chinese 7th Hungry Ghost month. It was in a public swimming pool, not an errie seaside or something like that, yet according to the master I was under an attack of a vindictive female spirit who wanted me dead. The master said she would require 6 months to heal me completely. True to her word, I’ve not had another attack after the 6 months since I was 16 years old.

If my mom had relied totally on medical science, I would not be alive today.

There was a lot of illnesses that happened especially in my mother’s birth family where literally one by one of her sisters passed away prematuredly due to different illness. It was so uncanny that it prompted some to do some checking where  it was discovered where the ancestors had done some pretty bad things and harmed many people. It is Chinese cultural belief that when ancestors had done bad things, they are in dire straits and often the descendants would bear the consequences of the actions.

My mom herself is alive today because she was the only one among her sisters who engaged in her own spiritual practice. Her life was hard and one day, she had the urge to pick up a Buddhist chanting book, memorized the chants and did it each day. I saw the effect of how consistent spiritual practice can save someone from dangers in life not only in the case of my mom, but in other individuals regardless of their faith.

However in this blog, there would be recurring concepts tied to Chinese and Buddhist customs namely:

  • karmic creditors- that can cause disturbance and illness
  • kamma- we reap what we sow
  • repentence and transferance of merits

Because it is what I have tried and had worked from the years of trial and error and research I have done.


This site and all my other sites have ads on them. I use the Google auto ads so you may find ads popping up at certain unexpected places. In the past when I had my full time job, I did not monetize my site and paid for hosting with my salary. I just love to write and share. But now that I am a caregiver to my mom, I try to give her the best I can afford to make her as comfortable as possible. So I need to turn on ads on my sites so that it helps to cover hosting and subscription software that I use to keep the sites running. So I hope you understand. Generally I make peanuts from the ads but at least it helps me to cover hosting and continue to be able to write and share from my heart.

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