Acupuncture is NOT demonic

Yesterday I saw a video in YouTube that mentioned about acupuncture being a demonic practice. The same creator also criticized other ancient practices such as yoga, tai chi and other religious practice.

He started by going into the scientific studies and then he started criticizing the qi that is practiced in Taoism, implicating that these are demonic forces. The videos got a lot of views and reading through the comments, I saw some who started condemning the practice. One lady actually was on her way to an acupuncture appointment and promptly call to cancel the appointment and was proud that she had ‘denounced it’.

Update: July 2023- I made a video to explain further as this practice has been part of my culture for thousands of years:

Acupuncture is a very ancient practice and it exists even before some organized religions in the world. There is a natural energy flow in life that we can all feel it. Our body is made up of energy channels and if there are any blockages in our body, it would result in imbalances and illness. Acupuncture is just a way of rebalancing these energies, bringing balance and harmony. There are more than one way to clear the body of energy and acupuncture is only one of them. Other ways that I have learned are massage, chiropractor, qi gong, guasa and cane exercise (from Taiwan).

There is nothing demonic or evil about these treatments. The fact is I have spent almost 20 decades researching about illness- starting from physical and lifestyle causes, then mind body connection and finally moving to spiritual causes. I’ve realized that there exists karmic creditors– these can be in human or non human forms- they are just beings that we owe a karmic debt through the cycle of rebirth.

In human form, it can come in people that we find ourselves keep giving, but with them not appreciating and yet we could not stop giving as if we owe them.

In non human form, they could be unseen forces that invade our auric fields, systematically breaks it down and eventually cause pain and illness. This process can take many years to do and the beings involved usually have a lot of hatred and anger to stay around to do that. Usually these are beings that we have harmed before in the past either in this life or the life before- for example animals we have killed, people whom lives we had destroyed directly or indirectly, etc.

When a person goes to a conventional doctor for treatment, the prescription is given based on the physical symptoms, blood test and diagnostics results. If the illness originate purely from a physical cause, then medical science would be able to cure them.

But the fact is today medical science is not able to find cures for many illnesses. Some illnesses known as ‘invisible illnesses’ have no physical symptoms and yet the person genuinely is suffering and unable to function. In FB groups, I see that often these group of people are turned away by doctors, saying that ‘it’s all in their head’, which makes them feel worse because no one believed them.

When one encounter this issue, it is time to explore other causes such as stress and possible spiritual causes.

Usually, if the illness is caused by unseen forces, it is not done overnight. It is usually done systematically through years of slowly weakening the person’s energy fields which can manifest out in the aura. Now, we cannot deny that aura does not exist because photography is able to now capture these fields.

A lot of ancient treatments such as acupuncture, yoga, Ayurdeva, traditional Chinese medicine, tai chi, qi gong, massage, etc aim to correct these energy imbalances in the person to restore balance. An experience practitioner would be able to sense the imbalances by feeling the pulse and looking into other factors such as the tongue and the person’s overall physical apperance, and from there, prescribe the treatments to correct the imbalances.

However, when true practitioners does it, they are also undoing years of ‘work’ that the karmic creditors have done. Hence, a true healer often put themselves in spiritual dangers because they can get spiritually attacked. Or sometimes healers often feel that they are absorbing the bad energies and sickness from the person they are healing.

Many healers are aware of the presence of such energies and understand that illness is not merely a physical manifestation. Because if it is, then going to the doctor would cure them since a lot of money is constantly being poured into medical research.

The healer themselves would require protection. So yes, they would pray to a higher force or being to help them especially if these heavenly beings have been respected for thousand of years. One thing is important not to criticize the faith of other people if we do not know the real truth. Knowing via intellectual knowledge is very different than knowing the truth intuitively.  Regardless of the faith a person follow, good and evil is within their heart.

I myself have tried acupuncture when I have pain that doctors could not help me with. In modern acupuncture treatment, mild electricity is being used to stimulate the energy or chi movement to expidiate recovery. When the mid electricity is passed through and there are spontenous movements, it is not related to any evil energies or forces but it is the flowing of energy field within our body. When my mother had a fall and ER doctors could not help her, it was acupuncture treatments that took away her pain.

Often many people, especially the elderly would find their health quickly deteriorate after a fall or accident which affects mobility and causes a lot of physical pain. Physical pain would start to increase mental and emotional sufferings which we know would have direct impact to our health. Acupuncture is treatment that is very effective for pain management. Without this life saving treatment, I have sadly seen many elderly persons deteriorate very quickly.

I do feel sorry for the people who believed what the creator said in the video and then decided to stop the treatment. This will close the door of healing opportunity for them and living in pain on a daily basis can be a real torture.

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