Autistic and hyperactive child and mother with cancer – spiritual causes

The late Master Lu of Guan Yin Citta had helped many parents to cure or improve the condition of their children with autism. Below are videos containing various condition of each of the child. Some, we would need to watch the video to for ourselves. I would provide a summary of the cases of the child, Master Lu’s diagnosis of the karmic cause and the solutions that he provide.

Autistic child and mother with stomach cancer

Location: France
Child: Born in 2015, born in the year of Rooster
Issue: Not able to speak. Can also see the video, both the child’s hand is moving and grabbing the mother non stop.

Master Lu provided the symptoms which all were confirmed true by his mother:

a. Issue with his brain
b. Autistic
c. Whole day like to lock himself in his room
d. When it comes to night time, the child started talking to himself, whole body will move and like to crawl around.

Master Lu’s diagnosis:

1. The spirit of the baby who was previously aborted by the mother is how occupying both the child’s arms. That is why he said both his hands kept grabbing his mom. The mother admitted she has done an abortion. She also said the child will hit and kick her. He said of course since she killed it so the spirit uses the body of her child to hit her.

2. Within the family, deed of killing has been committed.

Master Lu mentioned at night the child move a lot and like to crawl because there is an animal spirit inside his body. He said the spirit also constantly traveled to the roof of the house and they can hear knocking sounds from the roof.

The Master progressed to give blessing and can see the hyperactive child quiet down. He said the spirit hated the mother very much. She said yes, she is really suffering. He asked her to make vow to go vegetarian and do chanting. And if she failed to fulfill her promise, the spirit of the child will not forgive her and would use up all the family’s wealth (in treatment).

He also said the child was originally born normal. The mother exclaimed yes, he was normal till he was about 1.5 years old.

3. An animal spirit also occupies the child’s body. It looked like a deer and it could be due to killing of that animal done by the family or ancestors (the child actually started making like sounds). He said this produces the symptoms where the child tries to eat whatever object he sees (the mother confirms it). The child later also opened his mouth and try to grab the mike from his mother try to swallow it.

Solution provided by Master Lu:

1. Chanting of 850 Little Houses.

2. Release around 3000 fishes gradually (not in one shot).

3. He said at night the child is more troublesome. He advised her to constantly chant Great Compassion Mantra at night.

4. Request help from Guan Yin Bodhisattva to show compassion and that she promise will chant the 870 Little Houses for the child.

The mother cried and said she is really suffering.

5. He also mentioned she did a lot of verbal kamma. That when she was young and her parents brought her to temple, she said a lot of inappropriate things. She confirmed yes, because prior to being married, she was from another religion. She totally did not believe in Buddhism. She cried and apologised.

He said the child would recover after she completed chanting the Little Houses 870 times. Even halfway through she would be able to see a lot of improvement. He said he had saved many of such cases and it is easy.

The mother’s stomach cancer

The mother further asked about herself. She was born in 1979 and had just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. She has not even told her family yet.

Master Lu’s diagnosis:

He said there was an old lady from her family who had passed away and is now waiting to take her away.  He was able to pinpoint the exact location of the cancer which she confirmed was true.

He told her each day she has to recite the Great Repentance Mantra 5 times. He said her verbal kamma she committed is very heavy. He reprimanded her, if she don’t believe, then just leave it. Do not slander or talk bad about other religions.

She would require to chant 540 sheets of Little Houses and release 2800 fishes.

He said as she was 39 years old, it was a great tribulation for her. If she does not make a huge vow, she will not survive. He said:

1. Become a full time vegetarian

2. If recover, set herself to be a personal example for other Buddhist.

3. When body become better, come out and preach to others and do volunteer work.

He also asked her to become kinder to her mother-in-law.

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