Auto Immune Disease- Causes from a Spiritual Perspective

In support groups, I am surprised to see the symptoms described by those who suffer from auto immune disorders. Most of them have consulted many doctors and specialists but could not find any cure. Their condition keeps getting worse and worse till they are not able to function and work. The worst part is, because they look ‘normal’ outwardly, their spouse and family members have problems believing that they are genuinely sick.

I wish to feature 2 cases by the late Master Lu Jun Hong of Guan Yin Citta. The 2 ladies below suffered from auto immune disorders and could not find any cure. The video is in Mandarin but contained video subtitles. I would do a little summary below.

The first one is a totem reading performed in Australia in the year 2018.

The lady was born in 1992 in the Chinese zodiac sign of the Monkey. He correctly identified that she has auto immune disorder. He said her illness is not a minor one but could take her life. He said she had endured a lot of suffering and could not find any cure.

He listed (without her telling him) that she suffered from hair drop, insomnia, spine bad, sinusitis, cough regularly, shortness of breath, bad gut, bad lower back, bad gynecological, small skin bumps, bad lymph notes.

It was related to karmic retribution of killing. She admitted the family opened a restaurant. Usually in restaurants animals are being killed for meat. He said the retribution of the family’s deeds fell on her. She was advised to do specific Buddhist chants.

He also added that her love life and marriage would not be good. He said her life, she is constantly being bullied because in the past life she used to bully others. He asked her to please do not get so dispirited and sad. You would notice he did taunt her a little but it has the affect of lifting her mood and making her smile. One can see at first she was very forlorn but as she was speaking to him, she started smiling and look cheerful. He teased her that despite her demeanor, there is a man who cares for her a lot as he owe her a lot in previous life.

He mentioned she also have a spirit of an old lady, suspected a deceased old person in the family in her body. He had asked her to chant to help the old lady to be able to take rebirth. She was also concerned she had a growth but he said it was not malignant. He advised her to go for TCM treatment to regularize her body.

She also asked about her dad who is born in 1953 (year of the Snake). He listed his health problems and cautioned her father not to keep losing his temper. She confirmed her father had bad temper. She mentioned in the past, Master had given advised to her younger brother, saying there were 2 spirits in his body. After her brother did recital, his health has improved tremendously. Master also encouraged her, saying her health will greatly improved after she perform the recitals.

Case 2: Immune disorder due to heavy past karmic retribution.

I know some people do suffer from nightmares of having Death, Grim Reaper or Black and White Impermanence officer come and take them away. This story may serve as a worthy lesson to take note of:

The lady below is born in 1985 years old ( year of Ox). She and her infant boy are experiencing serious illness which doctors could not cure. The illness is auto immune and blood disorder but it was a mysterious illness. The lady mentioned she saw the Black Impermanence officer (equivalent of Grim Reaper or Death) going to come to take her child away. She later also perceived that all three of them, herself, her husband and her child would die and she was very afraid.

Master mentioned that all three of them is now targeted by Hell officers, reading to be taken down there. Reason being is because all the three of them (the lady, her husband and her son) had burned down house in their previous life. There were occupants in the house and the fire caused their death. Hence now these vengeful spirits are coming for revenge. The Master said that the being in her body may not be Black Impermanence officer but could be the spirit of one of the burnt victims- as the burnt victim would appear with a black charred face.

He asked her to do Buddhist chanting recitation as there is no other way. Something seemed to got into her husband and he would start to speak incoherently and slandering the Buddha non stop. He said at the rate it is going, her husband would pass faster than her. And usually, people like him would die suddenly being hit by a car.

She said earlier she had thought her son was going to be okay. Master then asked, did she regress in her practice? She said that as her husband seemed possessed and talking nonsense, she had tried to do recitation. Because when she did so, she also bore his karma. Master then said regardless of whether possessed or not, the moment the husband start slandering Buddha, he would be dealt (by hell officers) more harshly and they would come and take him away (my comment: if a person does not have that thought or character, even if possessed also they would not slander).

The Master said that she can only save herself. He said the family’s kamma is too heavy, hence unfortunately he is unable to help all three. Only one person can be saved and it will be herself. She cried and say then how about her child? Then Master Lu make a little joke to lighten the situation, ‘see, when it comes to crucial time, it is me and my son. The husband can die’.

She said she knew what her husband did was wrong and it would affect them.  She said while doing recitation when her husband was talking nonsense, she felt his bad kamma had affected her. He said yes, please ask her to tell Bodhisattva that each one of us will bear our own kamma. He said she continue trying to help, it will affect her and both of them will pass. He said such type of blood disorder disease can cause death anytime. He said these type of illness have karmic element in it.

His advice to her is to do her best to preserve her life. Then slowly if things are okay, then only try to see if she is able to save her husband. She asked for more time as she had many chanting to do and may not have enough time. He commented that her nature, she was usually not helpful with others so when she faced problem, not easy to ask for help. He said when we are healthy, we need to reach out and help others.

He then told her he had appealed to Bodhisattva and her life could be extended for 3 years to give her more time. He said within the three years, she would not die. But if she break her vow and promise then she would not survive.

Note: This is because when a person prays and appeal to have life extended by making vows, if the request is granted, the person is living by grace of blessing from Bodhisattva that is given because of the strong vows. They are living on borrowed time as by right they would not have survived. But f the person gets negligent and break their vows, then they have broken the cause that kept them alive and hence they would not be able to survive. 

She begged for her child. He said he can extend for 6 months to give her time to recitation to save him. In the 6 months it would depend on her practice to see if she can save her son. He said doctors would not be able to find out what is wrong with her son and the nature of his illness is he can just die suddenly- he said it is a blood related disorder.


Such kind of disorder is not what we normally see in the people we know. However, in forums and support groups, I really read a lot of auto immune and mysterious disorders. Many are suffering and not able to find the cause or treatment for their invisible illness. Hopefully this may provide further options and considerations. For more information, please refer to this page.

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