Advice for the broken hearted and those unlucky in love

There is a karmic element in every relationship. It is not by chance that our path crossed, we meet and fall in love with someone. Just like relationships between parents and children, some people who come into our life is to ‘repay debt’ and some, to ‘collect debt’. If we have often cheated or hurt others in our past life, then this life we would need to experience the effects of being on the receiving end. Often, the person who hurt us a lot is someone whom we have hurt in previous lives.

I have come across the video below in Mandarin by the late Master Lu Jun Hong (founder of Guan Yin Citta or Xin Ling Fa Men) which provides a very good explanation on the matter of the heart. From 2012, he had been holding conventions all over the world which is attended by thousands of people. There would be a segment on totem reading, and the participants who get to ask any questions (about their life, health, career, etc) are selected in random. Meaning prior to the reading, he had absolutely no knowledge about the participant. He also had radio channel where participants call in to ask questions. Some participants, prior to the totem reading had called in to his radio show and his advice to them had always been consistent even though he had not seen their face.

The participant below started by asking about her health. You can see she looked fine in the beginning. Master Lu told her that her physical heart condition is no good. In about 25s into the video, he said that when she was younger, she experienced a horrible experience, either in life or in love that resulted her to develop depression. The lady immediately started to tear up and said yes, it is true.

He also pointed out that she had thought of suicide. She said, yes, many times. He said it was not successful because her life was saved by Guan Yin Bodhisattva. Note: Even though you are from another faith, there are guardians who look after you. But sometimes, our sadness is too deep that we failed to feel the compassion and care of our unseen guardians.

Below is the conversation on the advice given by Master Lu (in brown) and the lady’s reply (in blue):

Don’t be so silly. In your previous life, you were a man and you have hurt and bullied numerous women. Now in this life, there would be three men who come into your life and hurt you. Do you understand?

Count and see if there are three person?

Yes there is.

Now do you understand? Human life is impermanent and changing. What you did in your past, you would need to repay it in the present. Hence, do not create the cause and there would not be the effect. Also, your (physical) heart problems is heredity. There is someone from your family line, either your parents or grandparents have a history of heart problems.

Yes, correct. It was my mother.

Everything can be seen clearly in your totem. Also, let me tell you, out of the three men, there is a particular one that hurt you deeply. By now, this man had already bye-bye (separated) from you. This man, you owe him a lot in your past life. That is why until now, you have not been able to forget him.

I ask you to please get over him. Because regardless of the outcome (how the relationship went on) is the of the negative karma of both your previous life’s relationship. Quickly chant the Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots (this mantra is a Buddhist mantra to help with relationships issuesfor 49 times daily or else your depression will not improve. Everyday you need to recite the Great Compassion Mantra (Da Bei Zhou) 27 times, Heart Sutra (49 times), Eighty-Eight Buddhas Great Repentance 3 times. Do this and you would gradually see improve. (Note: This is part of the sutra recitation, all established Buddhist Mahayana sutras in daily practice advocated by Master Lu).

You are a silly person. When you go out with your boyfriend, you are the one who pays up, just like a man (as a man is the one that usually pays). Correct or not?

(she then said something and Master Lu cracked a joke and she laughed but I am sorry I could not translate because I did not understand the term).

Now do you understand? As a human, we need to learn about a human’s short life and suffering. In this short human life, we must really do our practice well. Correct or not?

When we are suffering, we are repaying past karmic debts and burning up our bad karma. After you have go through the suffering and the karmic debt had been burned off (repaid), this will pass and in future you would no longer experience it anymore. Correct or not?


There are some people when going through suffering, opted to take revenge. When they take revenge, they create new causes that would result in new (negative) karma. This is called (a Chinese saying) ‘life after life, avenging on one other….when would it ever end?’. Now you do not go and take your revenge, then your debt is repaid and settled (you can see by now, 3:18 min, the lady did not look sad anymore but she was listening intently). Do you understand what I saying?

Yes (she nodded).

And then, let me tell you, your gynecology condition is no good.

My menstruation is not that regular.

Now, I see you have some uterine fibriod, small one. You need to go to a doctor to get it checked. Okay?

Okay, gratitude to Master.

Also your right leg, the curve of the leg.

Yes correct. Two years ago I was involved in a car accident.

Let me tell you, I am able to see even the small details.

My gratitude to Master.

Now do you have any more questions?

No more questions. Thank you.

Do your daily recitals well. Also, could you consider going on a complete vegetarian diet? If you could, I could request the Dhamma protectors to constantly look out and look after you.

Okay I will.

See, now help another person.

Thank you. Today is my first day meeting Master Lu. My number got picked up (the numbers are picked at random for such public totem readings). I feel really happy.

Happy or not? You would not think of taking your life anymore?

No more, for sure no more (the lady smiled happily).

After you meet me, you don’t feel like taking your own life anymore?

Definitely not. My gratitude to Master.

You still got chance. You would still have another karmic debtor (someone who owed her in past life) who would come and look for you. (Note: She suffered in past relationships because she owed the three men. But as she put up and did not seek revenge, she cleared her karmic debt. She would meet someone later who was indebted to her in previous life and would come to repay debt to her).

(The audience laughed and she laughed happily too. The rest is told in a cheerful mood and you can see the transformation in the lady, very different from the beginning)

An older man. I suggest you just let things be. If by that time your spiritual cultivation is good, perhaps you may not want the relationship. If your cultivation is not up to that level yet, and you feel you wish to have someone to grow old with, then you just go and live your life well with him. This man does not look bad, just that not much of hair. He has his own house. This man I also could see him, is not very tall and have a round face.

Slowly wait (for him to appear in your life). Don’t go and die okay?

Okay, thank you.

There have been a number of similar cases which Master Lu Jun Hong had counselled the participants.

There are further totem reading cases which the enquirer also suffer from love problems:

The videos below contains English translations.

At 1.23 min, he mentioned to the lady that her love luck had suffered tremendously and had a terrible impact on her. He mentioned that in her previous life, she was a man. She owed a lot of love debts to women hence this life, she was reborn as a woman to be bullied by other men. That is why he said she would know that her personality is similar with a man.

She then asked about her relationship with her husband. He told her that she has negative karmic affinity with him. He said he is a ladies man (constantly surrounded by women), have a bad temper, lack in ability but behave like a male chauvinist. He said she thought of leaving him and she confirmed it and said she did not know what to do.

He said she has negative karmic affinity with her husband. There are 2 solutions to this:

1. Chant the Mantra to Untie Kammic Knots (Buddhist mantra) 49 times daily.
This mantra helps to resolve negative affinities in any relationships. Before chanting, make a request with Guan Yin Bodhisattva “May Guan Yin Bodhisattva have mercy on me. May Guan Yin Bodhisattva help me (her full name) and my husband (his name) resolve the bad affinity.”

Chant this daily. If after a month there is a change and you could see he is treating you better, then it signifies the karmic affinity between both of you is turning for the better.

If after chanting, the relationship become worse, then let things me. He would not hurt you but would gradually leave you.

2. Also chant Heart Sutra to enable him to come to realization. Before recital, request help from Guan Yin Bodhisattva, “May Guan Yin Bodhisattva help my husband (his full name) to be able to come to realization.”

You can see in the video, even though he is direct, he said in a way that brought smile and laughter to the participant. Because even though he did not know them (as the person that goes on stage are randomly selected out of thousands of participants), he could tell them a lot of their life and their karma.

The video below also have very good advice:


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