Children who are not meant to be born (escape from other realms)

There are some beings who are not meant to be born in this world as human. What happens is that they are previously from other realms and have no business coming to take rebirth as a human. Some come from the heavenly realms, as well as from the ghost and hell realms. I know this is hard to believe…..I leave it up to the reader if you chose to believe it or not.

Every realm is governed by rules and regulations. If the time is not up and the being escape, there would be beings, performing enforcement functions who would come to get them. Most of the time, the baby would fail to be born. If at all they succeed to be born, they would be born abnormal, usually with brain development issue or severe birth defects.

However, sometimes the mother has blessings and the baby may be born normal. But the baby would continue to face many dangers in its life or suddenly acquire life threatening illnesses that could cause an early demise. This is because these beings had violated laws of other spiritual worlds since they have no business being born and they would need to be taken back to where they come from.

Please note that not all cases of children with severe development issue is due to this reason. It is just a possibility based on a real life case that I am aware off. Usually, the conditions and disease of the child could not be cured by medical science.

This subject is not something that is discussed by Buddhist Masters but does happen in real life. The late Master Lu (盧台長) of Guan Yin Citta (心靈法門) had addressed this phenomena when he did public Totem readings in his conferences (sadly Master Lu had passed away on 10 November 2021). I wish to share about this so that for Buddhist who may or suspect they may encounter this situation with no medical cure, one can consider spiritual practice.

First case: Constant seizures/epilepsy- escape from hell realm

In the first case, the girl below was said to have escaped from the hell realm. Master Lu said usually in such cases, the pregnancy is often unexpected, including sometimes birth control has been practiced but the mother still got pregnant. The daughter had epilepsy and had frequent attacks. You can see the look of exhaustion and worry in the mother’s face. As we all know, there is no medical cure for epilepsy and the person who has it will find his/her mind continued to be weakened by the attacks due to oxygen deprivation.

The late Master Lu had suggested for the mother to chant “Little Houses” for the girl and perform life liberation.  He told the mother that upon meeting certain numbers, there can be a negotiation to possibly let the girl live.

Second case: Kidney failure, dialysis, escape from hell realm

The talk is in Mandarin and translated into Bahasa Indonesia. The woman below had kidney failure and is undergoing dialysis. Master Lu said in so may totem cases he had done, he said unfortunately this is the first time that he could not do anything to help.


He said she had escaped from the hell realm with the original intent to be reborn as a human to take revenge. She also came with a lot of heavy kamma from bad deeds done in previous lifetime. There was nothing much he could do as he told her honestly that she had been ‘marked’ by hell officers  to be taken back. She would only have 8 months to live. He said she can try to make a huge vow like doing a huge number of chanting and plead with Bodhisattva for help to extend her life. But he told her realistically it would be very hard and she had to be prepared for the worst.

Third case: Congenital Heart Problem, escape from Heaven Realm 

A third case involved a girl who was born with 6 toes. Master Lu said that if a person is born with 6 toes, they either come from above (heaven) or below (ghost or hell realms). The girl really like to go on four leg and crawl. She was born with congenital heart problems.

He checked and realized she was a qilin (heavenly beast wit 6 toes) and she had escaped from the heavens to take rebirth as a human. Already there was a fierce looking being from Heaven who came for the girl since she broke the ‘law’ up there. The girl used to wake up crying after seeing the being.

Master Lu said in the past there are children who formerly escaped from the heavenly realm pass away during a heavy storm with lightning. Because it was how they sneak down and it was how they get caught and brought back up. He said the only way that the mother can try is to make a huge vow in front of the Boddisattva and must fulfill the vow. That is to have the girl to remain on the earth and to practice and help in Buddhism.

There is another video where the person escaped from the ghost realm. The person was a small officer in the underworld but had escaped and when reborn as a human suffer brain deformity. I have viewed the video but not able to find it for now.

Forth Case: Sudden paralysis, escape from heaven realm (previously a heavenly maiden)

Another one is a beautiful lady, who suddenly find herself being unable to walk. The video is in Mandarin and subbed in Bahasa Indonesia. Master Lu mentioned that originally she was a heavenly maiden but ran away from heaven to take rebirth as a human. He said usually if the being come down from heaven, they would follow a heavy thunderstorm when coming down.

He said that every realm have its rules and ‘escapees’ like this would bound to be caught and taken back. He said usually if they come from heavenly realm, the woman would be born extremely beautiful. Her mother said yes, her daughter was known as “fair princess” when she was a child and had many suitors. Also, Master Lu said the daughter was not supposed to give birth to a child since she herself should not be born in the first place. He said in future, her child would also suffer the same fate (unexplainable illness) as the mother.

Unfortunately he mentioned that her lifespan would last for just another 2.5 years before heavenly enforcement officers come for her. He said many of such ‘escapees’ are taken away back to the heaven, usually in a heavy thunderstorm. He suggested that they can appeal to the Nan Jing Bodhisattva (more information here) to appeal to enable her to extend her life and live as a human.

Fifth Case: Sudden blindness, escape from heaven realm

The girl below had some issues with the retina and become almost blind. You need to watch via this link: https://youtu.be/Vtqq8Z0w7Qo

He told her that she need to change some unwholesome characters of hers (stubbornness and quick temper). He helped to do some healing and she mentioned she was able to see a little. Master Lu advised her to do spiritual practice (chanting, eating vegetarian diet and life liberation) in order for her eyes to recover (there is no cure for such medical issues).

He said she was previously a heavenly bird that stole down from the heaven to take rebirth as a human. He said her eyes condition happened because while in heaven, she saw some things that she was not supposed to do. He said that from her previous life, in this life, she would have a beautiful voice, and gentle communication that draw a lot of people towards her. He also correctly pointed out that despite being almost blind, she still does cleaning in the house, which she said yes. He told her if she followed her practice, her eyes would recover within a year and 8 months. He asked if she can see better, she said yes, and saw light emitting from his body.


Sometimes, some children have unexplained illness that the parents almost bankrupt themselves spending money on various medical treatments. But nothing seemed to work.

Regardless of the reason, I would suggest that the parent to undergo spiritual practice to help the child based on one’s religious faith. In other words, while seeking medical treatment, the parents also need to do spiritual practice. Stay away from harming or killing other beings (eg fishing, hunting, eating freshly killed seafood, killing lifestock, etc).

For a person who is not meant to be born to be ‘allowed’ to remain here, there has to be a strong purpose. If the person or the parents can live to dedicate their life to spiritual practice and to benefit others, then a miracle may happen. Do remember though, when making any spiritual vows, one cannot break it for when it is broken, the consequences would be worse than not making any.

Dishonest or harmful livelihood brings misfortune to the descendants

In ancient Chinese beliefs, righteous and honest livelihood is important. In this article, I would discuss on how wrong livelihood (that involve killing beings, immoral or harmful activities) can bring ill luck and misfortune to future generations. I would also quote cases from the late Master Lu Jun Hong, where he had attributed cases where some children who suffered mental deformities or mysterious illness were caused by deeds of killing (hunting, killing, etc).

Drugs trafficking and opium trade

If you are visiting Malaysia, each time before the airplane lands, the air stewardess will make the service announcement that drug trafficking is viewed as a grave offence and punishable with the death penalty. Both Malaysia and Singapore have executed a number of people, including foreigners who are found to be trafficking drugs.

There is a good reason why both countries decide to impose the capital punishment if illegal drugs exceeding certain grams are found in the person. Because when drugs destroy lives, many of them being youths. Drugs can turn a hardworking and honest individual into a lifetime addict who sometimes even may kill their own family members to get money for their fix.

Capital punishments aside, karmically livelihood that caused destruction of lives of others would likely bring misfortune to descendants for minimum of 3 generations. I want to tell you a true story.

My mother’s birth mother (my maternal grandma) and father had came down to Malaya from China. It was said that one side of their ancestors were involved in the opium trade but my grandparents had nothing got to do with those activities. My grandma was not able to have a son by birth. She gave birth to 7 daughters. Just read below to see if it seemed to be a jinx or not:

My mom’s grandparents

  • Maternal grandfather- caught by Japanese during the Japanese occupation in Malaya in the 1940s. Was tortured and finally died by being made to drink a lot of water till the stomach got bloated and being stepped on. He died shortly after my mother, the youngest of 7 daughters were born. That was why my grandma, a widow at a young age, could not afford to keep my mother and sold her to a servant family.
  • Maternal grandmother- My grandma worked hard all her life, by tapping rubber. Being active, she still developed diabetes till she had to amputate her legs. First, amputation on both knees, then when she passed, she had half her upper thigh left and was wheelchair bound.

My mother and her sisters (photo below)

Each one of the sisters were afflicted by illness. Those who died were prematurely and suffer from illness. The above is the only complete photo of the 6 sisters taken at my cousin’s wedding. Within 5 years from the photo taken above, my mom had tonsil cancer and three of her sisters had passed away due to illness. It is as follows:

  • Eldest sister- paralyzed and passed away due to stroke complication
  • Second sister (not in picture)- pass away from leukemia when I was in my teens
  • Third sister- passed away from nose cancer
  • Forth sister- passed away from dementia
  • Fifth sister- passed away from stroke (her entire body was paralyzed, she was only able to move her eyes)
  • Sixth sister- still alive but had stroke and paralyzed
  • Seventh sister- my mom who had tonsil cancer 21 years ago and nearly could not make it. Now she has late stage Alzheimer’s and is on nasogastric tube feeding.

Livelihood of harming others, bribery or selling one’s own body

My mom worked as a nurse and was briefly involved in patient counselling. She used to remark that the offspring of the women who sold their body to earn usually do not end up good. She believed that if children raised by money earned through unwholesome deeds, generally they would not end up good. The children may be disobedient, defiant or suffer from many illnesses.

On the contrary she said, women who lived in poverty raised their kids through washing clothes and plates or any hard and honest labor usually end up with successful and filial children. It is as if the mother’s hard work and resilience brings luck to the children.

Kind to others

My mom herself was very kind to her friends. When all of them were young mothers, sometimes a colleague’s child may fall sick and the mother was worried and distressed. My mother would always ask them to go back early and she would cover for them. She used to make the aspiration that in future, may her children be given a chance and a break. When I came out to work after graduation, I landed in the one of the top company in my industry. I do not flatter, nor bother with dressing up and makeup. Yet in my career, I had been blessed to have helpful people who noticed and look a liking on me and gave me chances. I always felt the breaks I got was due to the blessings from my mother.

Bribery and harming others

Some people amassed money illegally through bribery and misuse of power. They may also harm others, for example get people sacked even though it is not justified to do so. It is akin to breaking other’s ricebowl. They may not suffer the retribution but I have seen retribution on their children, which is where it hurts the most.

Some people are tough and fearless, they are not afraid of sickness and pain.

But if they see their children suffer, or become defiant and cheat away their money, it breaks their heart like no sticks, bones or illness on their body would. I have another post where I have written about real cases from Master Lu where children and person who develop paralysis and degenerative illness due to deeds of killing within the family and ancestor line.

Fisherman and illness in the son:

The man’s child suddenly develop mental and neurological disorder. The boy has lose his hearing ability and is slowly becoming mute. The man (from Sabah) told Master Lu that his grandfather, his father and he himself worked as fisherman as their occupation.

The man said originally when his son was a child, he had high fever and was in a vegetative state. Doctors could not help him and he had sought some help of some spiritual practitioners who managed to heal the son completely. Master Lu said if the child is healed completely, he would not have hearing and neurological issues. Master Lu mentioned if he really healed, then there would not recur. He said in order to heal, need to do chanting to transcend these spirits of animals that they have killed. He said there are a tonne of fish spirits in his son’s body and if he did nothing, his son’s condition will not improve and eventually he would become mute.

There was also other videos where children have mental issues where the family were butchers.

Case below, the husband’s family slaughtered pigs. Master Lu saw spirits of many animals residing in the body of the boy. He also warned that the lifespan of her husband would not be long because of the deeds from slaughtering animals in his family, and his father’s health by now would be very bad.

Below, the case of a child who is very hyperactive with low IQ. The lady’s father had killed many cows.

Master Lu also warned that the boy had a very very bad karmic ties with his mother. If she did not chant the “Mantra to Untie Karmic Ties” and perform spiritual practice, the child would cause her a lot of harm in future. He said he hope not to read the case in the newspaper one day. Hence, sometimes cases where we read about people killing their family members is actually a ripening of the past grave kamma. It can be prevented if they do spiritual practice to reduce the severity of the kamma.

Isn’t it unfair for descendants to suffer from the bad deeds of ancestors and parents?

On the surface, it may seemed unfair that an innocent child is to made to suffer due to the deeds performed by others.

However, the truth is, the child is also born with the supportive karma to receive that type of retribution, ie being afflicted with illness or developing physical and mental health issues that caused the parents a lot of anguish and money. It is said that some children had bad karmic seeds which would likely ripen one day but is now ripening earlier because they are born in that family.

A way to understand is this: As Buddhist, we believe that there are 6 realms of birth: Hell, Ghosts, Animals, Asura, Heaven and Human realms. If one is reborn in a good place, ie heaven, then the bad karma would remain dormant and would not ripen during that duration there. But if one goes to an unfortunate rebirth, then the condition of living makes it easier for the bad karma to ripen.

In some cases, the children born to that family are ‘karmic debt collectors’, ie they come to collect debts- either amassing the family wealth, breaking their parent’s hearts or displaying strong behaviourial issues (which normally come into fruition because spirits had occupied the child’s body).


I have lived long enough to see retribution falling on people who did bad deeds. Usually, these are seen years later in their old age (illness) or in the form of heartbreak due to  their children.

For example, my mom had a few nasty bosses during her time who had abused their power and acted based on their whim and fancy. After my grandaunt passed away when I was 9 years old, there was no adult who could look after me and my younger brother (my late dad worked in the press so he came home after midnight only). My mother went to her superior, cried and begged to be given an office hour clinic (my mom was working on shift in a medical ward that time) so that we would not be left alone at night.

Her boss could have just rejected her application. But instead, the boss was so nasty and transferred my mother to of all places, labor room. Labor room is one of the toughest unit to work in and it is a 24 hour shift. It was worse than the spinal ward where my mom was based at. My mother was forced to leave me and my brother, then 9 and 7 yrs old respectively and go to work at night shift (those days it was not as dangerous as now). It was just the two of us but my mom had no choice- she could not get any help. Few times, I cried in terror as electricity was suddenly cut off just as she was leaving for work. My mom told me she cried all the way while she walked to take the night bus to work. That time we did not have a housephone. Handphone was not yet invented yet.

Many years later, a few of them, who were known to be nasty during their heyday developed stroke and got paralyzed in their older age. One of them was sleeping one day and had a dream she was travelling in a car, got into an accident and was thrown off the car. As the dream was so real, she moved and fell of her bed. She broke her neck and remained in a vegetative state.

Therefore, we really need to reflect carefully on the deeds that we are doing. If it is harming others, we seriously need to stop. Do not cheat others, hurt or destroy livelihood of others. All these can come back to kick us in the face one day. Maybe we do not see it now, as our children may be now top scorers and obedient. But with time, they may suddenly change when they suddenly get caught up in the wrong company that leads them towards a downward spiral of addiction and depression.

If we have been honest and good, when we encounter life issues and prayed sincerely, our prayers may be answered because we are not so weighed down by the unwholesome kamma that we have performed.

Be careful with inheritance money and assets (will cause misfortune if not handled responsibly)

Distribution of assets and money often cause a lot of rift between the descendants.

If the assets are distributed evenly, some may not be happy especially those who felt they should get more because they took care of the parent, etc, etc.

If it is distributed unevenly, it often cause permanent rift and tension between the siblings. We often see this in Chinese families where most of the assets go to the sons and not the daughters.

If the parent leave assets to only one sibling, it will cause permanent discord and everyone else would hate or spoke about that sibling with sarcasm. They may curse or speak badly about that sibling which would cause bad luck, ill health and discord in that person’s family.

With bigger share, comes bigger responsibility

Most people feel happy when they get the lion’s share of the inheritance. But they do not understand the enormity of the responsibility that they have just ‘inherited’ from acquiring the money and assets.

I always believe that inheritance money does not really belong to us. We are merely the trustee or guardian of the funds and assets. This is especially so if the inheritance is an accumulative of wealth that had been passed down from our parents as well as our ancestors.

If we do not do good with the money, the inheritance would bring us ‘misfortune’ or take away another aspect of our life like health, relationship with children, family tragedy, etc. You may find it hard to believe but I have seen enough cases that had long confirmed my suspicion.

A daughter who got the lion share of the inheritance from her father got very rebellious and unfilial children.

A son who all the inheritance (from a few generations) had a very bad rift with all his siblings. They constantly cursed him behind his back. His family was never happy, his wife passed away suddenly and his children were all not close to him. In his later years, he suffered from cancer and eventually pass away from a fall.

There was a man who mistreated and physically beat his aunt, shifting out and leaving her and her adoptive daughter alone on the eve of Chinese New Year. When the aunt got sick, he pretended to be kind and went to see her each day to visit her. At her deathbed, the aunt softened and said the house she had was to be divided between the adoptive daughter and the man. Many years later, the land price appreciated and he got half of the funds. He just went for a tour with his family with the inheritance money. Not long after he came back, he had a fall and broke his back. The cost of the operation cost was about the same cost as the money he got, but after the operation, his mobility was permanently affected. 

Another lady was good at buttering up her father, always speaking courteously and looking concerned for him. The father, who had worked hard all his life had acquired a lot of land. He signed over a large chunk of the land to her compared to other siblings. He did this when he was still alive. Later he developed lung cancer- the government hospital was not that efficient – they could not detect his cancer cells but another private hospital was able to detect. The specialists in that private hospital was confident they would be able to treat him. But this lady was not willing to part with any money. Another poorer sibling was willing to send the father to the private hospital but this lady, scared that later she may need to pay money, convinced her father not to go for the treatment. Eventually the father passed away. Not long later, her health went into a decline and she was gradually losing weight and was very weak. Doctors could not find what was wrong with her.

The worst case scenario is if an adult son or daughter got the parent to transfer all the assets to them, and then send their parents to nursing home. They abandoned them and seldom go to visit them. There would be a very high price to pay down the line when they get old. They would often be riddled with illness and/or have kids that do the same back to them. And when they themselves end up in nursing homes, they would receive bad treatment because somehow the staff do not like them. There is usually a painful or mysterious illness that would come- you may read more of true stories of disgruntled old ladies who took revenge after they had passed.

Don’t be unhappy or bitter if you get a small share or ‘unfair’ distribution

Actually, money from our parents are not our money. It is something that they or their parents had worked hard for. If we even get anything, we should count ourselves fortunate. Please don’t compare with other siblings or keep score with them, like so-and-so never bothered to take care of mom/dad, why should they get anymore/more? It would only make us unhappy and cause a rift in our relationship with our siblings.

It is our parents money and we should respect how they want to distribute their asset.

The simple fact that they have raised us, given us an education which sets us up for life…..itself is an enormous debt that we cannot even begin to repay.  They may not be the best parent to us – most often due to they themselves may not receive the proper nurturing as a child.

Another aspect is also the karmic relationship. We cannot choose our parents and often we have very strong past karmic ties in order to be born as their children. These karmic ties can be positive or negative. There are children who come to ‘collect debts’ and some come to ‘repay debts’. However in majority of the cases in this era, many children are coming to ‘collect debts’, ie their parents had owed them in past life. Hence they would end up causing their parents to spend a lot of money or caused their parents a lot of heartbreak.

So when your parent give your sibling more money than to you, take it that your parent is repaying settling a debt to your sibling. Or that your sibling would end up owing your parent and would need to come back next life to serve your parent. It is between both of them. Either way, your parent is not losing because after all, they cannot take the money with them to the afterlife. So, use it to settle debt or get someone else to be indebted to them.

If you get angry or bitter, you end up dragging yourself into their karmic link.

I speak from personal experience. Because I am a daughter, my father (old fashioned thinking) preferred to leave more money to my brother. And my mother felt that due to my kind heartedness, I can be more gullible so she prefer to pass most of her savings to my brother too. We did not have much but it is what my parents did with the little they have saved up.

My dad did not leave us much as he had used most of his savings to pay for house renovation (we lived in a run down home which leaked both the front and back when it rained). Sadly, he got to enjoy the newly renovated house for less than a year before he passed away from stroke. Whatever he left me, I ended up donating the money to worthy causes in his name, plus I kept topping up my own money when making donation.

That time I was having a more successful and higher earning job than my brother.

When my mother got sick, I was the one who give up my job to take care of my mother. My mother sacrificed so much for us, she had so much beauty, intelligence and capability and yet she just kept a low profile and went to work, then come back to cook and clean. She gave up so much for us.

Hence, it is an honor now for me to be able to care for her, even though I was never trained in caregiving and have to constantly pick up and learn on the job. Initially it was tough and I had my own challenges and personal hurdles to go through but once the hard times passed, I feel a lot of contentment in the way my life is at now. Even though I have nothing much, but I can say I have most inner peace than I have ever had in my life (including the time when I was in my corporate job and could afford most things I wanted).

There was also another lady, one of my mom’s colleagues. She was intelligent at school but her father refused to let her study to be a doctor. Hence, she enrolled in nursing school and become a hard working top notch nurse. Her father was rich and distributed most of his assets to his sons. She hardly got anything. And yet, when her father was sick. she was the one who took her father in and took care of him. Her siblings hardly came to help.

Not long after her father passed, she developed cancer. She went for treatment, suffered but recovered. It has been close to 20 years and she is now enjoying her retirement,  healthy, driving around and keeping herself busy in church activities with many friends. She has more than enough savings and properties of her own from her own hard work.

Next, read about What if our parent had passed and we regret not doing our best for them?

ALS, neurological disorders and sudden paralysis- spiritual perspective

ALS and other neuromuscular degeneration are diseases that have a strong spiritual and karmic cause. Until today, there is no cure for any form of degenerative diseases- medication and treatments can only manage the symptoms.

Below are some case studies of those with sudden paralysis and neuromuscular disorders who went to see the late Master Lu Jun Hong (盧軍宏). Most of these people were previously healthy individuals but suddenly developed the condition. And for each of these cases, he had identified the karmic causes and provided ways to rectify it. When he was alive, he specializes in treating illnesses that doctors could not treat. He mentioned for physical illnesses, to please go to see doctor but for illnesses related to spirits disturbance, he would identify the cause and offer the solution.

The cause is often related to spirits occupying the person’s body, known as karmic creditors (coming to claim karmic debts). These spirits could be from sources such as:

The solution would require 3 practices:

  • chanting “Little Houses” (comprising a combination of established Buddhist chants)
  • life liberation (ie releasing fishes, etc)
  • making vow (ie become vegetarian, dedicate life to help others once get well, etc)

Case 1: Hereditary cerebellar atrophy due to ancestors killed cows

The video above contains English translation. The girl was not able to walk and suffer degenerative disease. Her grandmother also pass from similar disease. Master Lu pointed out that her ancestors were butchers that killed large animal (cows) which resulted in paralysis. The girl also has some supportive karmic condition that caused her to suffer this illness. He said if they perform spiritual practice well, chanted and transfer the merit to enable those spirits to have enough merits to take rebirth, she would be able to stand up and walk again once the spirits leave in 2 years.

He said the girl is a very good girl and her mother confirmed she studied well. The poor girl was crying helplessly being afflicted with this condition. On the spot, Master Lu did some blessing and got her to be able to walk a few steps. This is to give her confidence that she can get better. But the blessing is temporary- as he could only ask the spirits to temporary leave while he did blessing for her. For the illness is karmic is only can be healed by their own individual practice.

He had saved many number of such incurable illness.

Case 2: A man suddenly paralysed from neurological degenerative illness due to deeds of killing of fishes

The man below had went with his father to do a lot of fishing. He suddenly developed this degenerative disease as he grow older. The wife was practically crying at the condition of her husband.

Master Lu advised the lady if they do not practice, he would end up turning into vegetative state and she would need to take care of him. The wife also mentioned his left eye’s nerve got issue, kept causing the eye to jerk. He said reason is because when he killed the fishes, when the fishes were struggling and dying, their eyes also jerked in similar fashion.

Case 3: Boy, born in 96 is paralyzed with dystonia and suffering, always moaning

The video is in Mandarin. The boy could be hear moaning- Master Lu said the boy’s body had a powerful animal spirit and that in his past life, he killed a lot of cows. So now he was moaning similar to a cow.

He said have to chant a whopping 5000 Little House (one Little House would take an average of an hour to chant if one is familiar so 5k will take long time to complete) in order to produce sufficient merits in hope of saving his life. The boy had killed too many cows in his previous life. He said originally when the born was born, he was not like that, he was born normal but when the time comes for the karma to ripen, then only he suddenly degenerated. The parents confirmed it is true.

The parents need to do a lot of life liberation (releasing of fishes). If not, the child would survive. If the family failed to complete the chanting and liberate the fishes, the child (who was 18 years old that time) would not live longer than 6 more years. The child would pass after he finished repaying his karmic retribution of killing that he had done in his past life.

Master Lu then give some blessing to the boy and the boy’s painful moans stopped for a while. He said his neurological disorder was caused by the spirit that is controlling the boy. While this is the karma that the boy brought from previous life, the parents had supportive conditions that caused them to have this child (as the parents suffer terribly when the child is sick). The man actually was previously involved in rearing live crabs for food (deeds of killing), Master Lu also mentioned that in the past, the man was very mean and hurt people. He is a tough guy and is not afraid of pain or suffering on himself. However, when the retribution come on his beloved son, he would suffer unbearably as a father would. That was why the conditions came together in such a way that all the three of them had to go through this. He asked the parents to consistently do the “Little House” chanting and once they have done about 1000 pieces, they would gradually see improvement in the boy.

However, he said if within 1.5 years, if their practice is not enough, the boy will pass within 6 years. So the practice would depend on the parents. If he got better within 1.5 years, then there is hope of survival and recovery.

Case 4: Daughter suddenly develop paralysis due to being occupied by spirit of father’s friend who died in a fire

The daughter suddenly could not move and got paralyzed. Medically it would be classified as ALS related illness. Master Lu was able to describe the face of a burnt spirit who is occupying the girl’s body. He said the spirit could be a brother, friend or a colleague of the father. He asked if the man knew friend, colleague or male relative who passed from being burnt. The man said he had a colleague who passed in 2009.

When Master Lu described the features, the wife froze and said it fits the description of his colleague (the wife also knew him). He provided methods to be able to deliver the spirit (through spiritual practice) so that it can leave his daughter’s body.  She is to continue with physical therapy alongside with the spiritual practice.

The mother said they have taken the daughter to consult Western doctors and was told nothing could be done. Master Lu said that in the past, the man had been in bad relations with the deceased hence it caused anger with the deceased. If they do not practice to transfer merits to the spirit, so long as the spirit is in the body, the problem will recur again and again after treatment. But if the spirit leaves, then the body will start to recover.

Additional cases:

There are additional 2 cases related to paralysis which I have covered in detail in other blog posts:

YouTube playlist:

I have saved some cases that I find by Master Lu Jun Hong that relates to paralysis. You can go through the cases as per below:


Autistic and hyperactive child and mother with cancer – spiritual causes

The late Master Lu of Guan Yin Citta had helped many parents to cure or improve the condition of their children with autism. Below are videos containing various condition of each of the child. Some, we would need to watch the video to for ourselves. I would provide a summary of the cases of the child, Master Lu’s diagnosis of the karmic cause and the solutions that he provide.

Autistic child and mother with stomach cancer

Location: France
Child: Born in 2015, born in the year of Rooster
Issue: Not able to speak. Can also see the video, both the child’s hand is moving and grabbing the mother non stop.

Master Lu provided the symptoms which all were confirmed true by his mother:

a. Issue with his brain
b. Autistic
c. Whole day like to lock himself in his room
d. When it comes to night time, the child started talking to himself, whole body will move and like to crawl around.

Master Lu’s diagnosis:

1. The spirit of the baby who was previously aborted by the mother is how occupying both the child’s arms. That is why he said both his hands kept grabbing his mom. The mother admitted she has done an abortion. She also said the child will hit and kick her. He said of course since she killed it so the spirit uses the body of her child to hit her.

2. Within the family, deed of killing has been committed.

Master Lu mentioned at night the child move a lot and like to crawl because there is an animal spirit inside his body. He said the spirit also constantly traveled to the roof of the house and they can hear knocking sounds from the roof.

The Master progressed to give blessing and can see the hyperactive child quiet down. He said the spirit hated the mother very much. She said yes, she is really suffering. He asked her to make vow to go vegetarian and do chanting. And if she failed to fulfill her promise, the spirit of the child will not forgive her and would use up all the family’s wealth (in treatment).

He also said the child was originally born normal. The mother exclaimed yes, he was normal till he was about 1.5 years old.

3. An animal spirit also occupies the child’s body. It looked like a deer and it could be due to killing of that animal done by the family or ancestors (the child actually started making like sounds). He said this produces the symptoms where the child tries to eat whatever object he sees (the mother confirms it). The child later also opened his mouth and try to grab the mike from his mother try to swallow it.

Solution provided by Master Lu:

1. Chanting of 850 Little Houses.

2. Release around 3000 fishes gradually (not in one shot).

3. He said at night the child is more troublesome. He advised her to constantly chant Great Compassion Mantra at night.

4. Request help from Guan Yin Bodhisattva to show compassion and that she promise will chant the 870 Little Houses for the child.

The mother cried and said she is really suffering.

5. He also mentioned she did a lot of verbal kamma. That when she was young and her parents brought her to temple, she said a lot of inappropriate things. She confirmed yes, because prior to being married, she was from another religion. She totally did not believe in Buddhism. She cried and apologised.

He said the child would recover after she completed chanting the Little Houses 870 times. Even halfway through she would be able to see a lot of improvement. He said he had saved many of such cases and it is easy.

The mother’s stomach cancer

The mother further asked about herself. She was born in 1979 and had just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. She has not even told her family yet.

Master Lu’s diagnosis:

He said there was an old lady from her family who had passed away and is now waiting to take her away.  He was able to pinpoint the exact location of the cancer which she confirmed was true.

He told her each day she has to recite the Great Repentance Mantra 5 times. He said her verbal kamma she committed is very heavy. He reprimanded her, if she don’t believe, then just leave it. Do not slander or talk bad about other religions.

She would require to chant 540 sheets of Little Houses and release 2800 fishes.

He said as she was 39 years old, it was a great tribulation for her. If she does not make a huge vow, she will not survive. He said:

1. Become a full time vegetarian

2. If recover, set herself to be a personal example for other Buddhist.

3. When body become better, come out and preach to others and do volunteer work.

He also asked her to become kinder to her mother-in-law.

For more information on Master Lu and complete list of articles related to Master Lu’s diagnosis of spiritual causes of illness, visit this page.

Auto Immune Disease- Causes from a Spiritual Perspective

In support groups, I am surprised to see the symptoms described by those who suffer from auto immune disorders. Most of them have consulted many doctors and specialists but could not find any cure. Their condition keeps getting worse and worse till they are not able to function and work. The worst part is, because they look ‘normal’ outwardly, their spouse and family members have problems believing that they are genuinely sick.

I wish to feature 2 cases by the late Master Lu Jun Hong of Guan Yin Citta. The 2 ladies below suffered from auto immune disorders and could not find any cure. The video is in Mandarin but contained video subtitles. I would do a little summary below.

The first one is a totem reading performed in Australia in the year 2018.

The lady was born in 1992 in the Chinese zodiac sign of the Monkey. He correctly identified that she has auto immune disorder. He said her illness is not a minor one but could take her life. He said she had endured a lot of suffering and could not find any cure.

He listed (without her telling him) that she suffered from hair drop, insomnia, spine bad, sinusitis, cough regularly, shortness of breath, bad gut, bad lower back, bad gynecological, small skin bumps, bad lymph notes.

It was related to karmic retribution of killing. She admitted the family opened a restaurant. Usually in restaurants animals are being killed for meat. He said the retribution of the family’s deeds fell on her. She was advised to do specific Buddhist chants.

He also added that her love life and marriage would not be good. He said her life, she is constantly being bullied because in the past life she used to bully others. He asked her to please do not get so dispirited and sad. You would notice he did taunt her a little but it has the affect of lifting her mood and making her smile. One can see at first she was very forlorn but as she was speaking to him, she started smiling and look cheerful. He teased her that despite her demeanor, there is a man who cares for her a lot as he owe her a lot in previous life.

He mentioned she also have a spirit of an old lady, suspected a deceased old person in the family in her body. He had asked her to chant to help the old lady to be able to take rebirth. She was also concerned she had a growth but he said it was not malignant. He advised her to go for TCM treatment to regularize her body.

She also asked about her dad who is born in 1953 (year of the Snake). He listed his health problems and cautioned her father not to keep losing his temper. She confirmed her father had bad temper. She mentioned in the past, Master had given advised to her younger brother, saying there were 2 spirits in his body. After her brother did recital, his health has improved tremendously. Master also encouraged her, saying her health will greatly improved after she perform the recitals.

Case 2: Immune disorder due to heavy past karmic retribution.

I know some people do suffer from nightmares of having Death, Grim Reaper or Black and White Impermanence officer come and take them away. This story may serve as a worthy lesson to take note of:

The lady below is born in 1985 years old ( year of Ox). She and her infant boy are experiencing serious illness which doctors could not cure. The illness is auto immune and blood disorder but it was a mysterious illness. The lady mentioned she saw the Black Impermanence officer (equivalent of Grim Reaper or Death) going to come to take her child away. She later also perceived that all three of them, herself, her husband and her child would die and she was very afraid.

Master mentioned that all three of them is now targeted by Hell officers, reading to be taken down there. Reason being is because all the three of them (the lady, her husband and her son) had burned down house in their previous life. There were occupants in the house and the fire caused their death. Hence now these vengeful spirits are coming for revenge. The Master said that the being in her body may not be Black Impermanence officer but could be the spirit of one of the burnt victims- as the burnt victim would appear with a black charred face.

He asked her to do Buddhist chanting recitation as there is no other way. Something seemed to got into her husband and he would start to speak incoherently and slandering the Buddha non stop. He said at the rate it is going, her husband would pass faster than her. And usually, people like him would die suddenly being hit by a car.

She said earlier she had thought her son was going to be okay. Master then asked, did she regress in her practice? She said that as her husband seemed possessed and talking nonsense, she had tried to do recitation. Because when she did so, she also bore his karma. Master then said regardless of whether possessed or not, the moment the husband start slandering Buddha, he would be dealt (by hell officers) more harshly and they would come and take him away (my comment: if a person does not have that thought or character, even if possessed also they would not slander).

The Master said that she can only save herself. He said the family’s kamma is too heavy, hence unfortunately he is unable to help all three. Only one person can be saved and it will be herself. She cried and say then how about her child? Then Master Lu make a little joke to lighten the situation, ‘see, when it comes to crucial time, it is me and my son. The husband can die’.

She said she knew what her husband did was wrong and it would affect them.  She said while doing recitation when her husband was talking nonsense, she felt his bad kamma had affected her. He said yes, please ask her to tell Bodhisattva that each one of us will bear our own kamma. He said she continue trying to help, it will affect her and both of them will pass. He said such type of blood disorder disease can cause death anytime. He said these type of illness have karmic element in it.

His advice to her is to do her best to preserve her life. Then slowly if things are okay, then only try to see if she is able to save her husband. She asked for more time as she had many chanting to do and may not have enough time. He commented that her nature, she was usually not helpful with others so when she faced problem, not easy to ask for help. He said when we are healthy, we need to reach out and help others.

He then told her he had appealed to Bodhisattva and her life could be extended for 3 years to give her more time. He said within the three years, she would not die. But if she break her vow and promise then she would not survive.

Note: This is because when a person prays and appeal to have life extended by making vows, if the request is granted, the person is living by grace of blessing from Bodhisattva that is given because of the strong vows. They are living on borrowed time as by right they would not have survived. But f the person gets negligent and break their vows, then they have broken the cause that kept them alive and hence they would not be able to survive. 

She begged for her child. He said he can extend for 6 months to give her time to recitation to save him. In the 6 months it would depend on her practice to see if she can save her son. He said doctors would not be able to find out what is wrong with her son and the nature of his illness is he can just die suddenly- he said it is a blood related disorder.


Such kind of disorder is not what we normally see in the people we know. However, in forums and support groups, I really read a lot of auto immune and mysterious disorders. Many are suffering and not able to find the cause or treatment for their invisible illness. Hopefully this may provide further options and considerations. For more information, please refer to this page.

Advice for the broken hearted and those unlucky in love

There is a karmic element in every relationship. It is not by chance that our path crossed, we meet and fall in love with someone. Just like relationships between parents and children, some people who come into our life is to ‘repay debt’ and some, to ‘collect debt’. If we have often cheated or hurt others in our past life, then this life we would need to experience the effects of being on the receiving end. Often, the person who hurt us a lot is someone whom we have hurt in previous lives.

I have come across the video below in Mandarin by the late Master Lu Jun Hong (founder of Guan Yin Citta or Xin Ling Fa Men) which provides a very good explanation on the matter of the heart. From 2012, he had been holding conventions all over the world which is attended by thousands of people. There would be a segment on totem reading, and the participants who get to ask any questions (about their life, health, career, etc) are selected in random. Meaning prior to the reading, he had absolutely no knowledge about the participant. He also had radio channel where participants call in to ask questions. Some participants, prior to the totem reading had called in to his radio show and his advice to them had always been consistent even though he had not seen their face.

The participant below started by asking about her health. You can see she looked fine in the beginning. Master Lu told her that her physical heart condition is no good. In about 25s into the video, he said that when she was younger, she experienced a horrible experience, either in life or in love that resulted her to develop depression. The lady immediately started to tear up and said yes, it is true.

He also pointed out that she had thought of suicide. She said, yes, many times. He said it was not successful because her life was saved by Guan Yin Bodhisattva. Note: Even though you are from another faith, there are guardians who look after you. But sometimes, our sadness is too deep that we failed to feel the compassion and care of our unseen guardians.

Below is the conversation on the advice given by Master Lu (in brown) and the lady’s reply (in blue):

Don’t be so silly. In your previous life, you were a man and you have hurt and bullied numerous women. Now in this life, there would be three men who come into your life and hurt you. Do you understand?

Count and see if there are three person?

Yes there is.

Now do you understand? Human life is impermanent and changing. What you did in your past, you would need to repay it in the present. Hence, do not create the cause and there would not be the effect. Also, your (physical) heart problems is heredity. There is someone from your family line, either your parents or grandparents have a history of heart problems.

Yes, correct. It was my mother.

Everything can be seen clearly in your totem. Also, let me tell you, out of the three men, there is a particular one that hurt you deeply. By now, this man had already bye-bye (separated) from you. This man, you owe him a lot in your past life. That is why until now, you have not been able to forget him.

I ask you to please get over him. Because regardless of the outcome (how the relationship went on) is the of the negative karma of both your previous life’s relationship. Quickly chant the Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots (this mantra is a Buddhist mantra to help with relationships issuesfor 49 times daily or else your depression will not improve. Everyday you need to recite the Great Compassion Mantra (Da Bei Zhou) 27 times, Heart Sutra (49 times), Eighty-Eight Buddhas Great Repentance 3 times. Do this and you would gradually see improve. (Note: This is part of the sutra recitation, all established Buddhist Mahayana sutras in daily practice advocated by Master Lu).

You are a silly person. When you go out with your boyfriend, you are the one who pays up, just like a man (as a man is the one that usually pays). Correct or not?

(she then said something and Master Lu cracked a joke and she laughed but I am sorry I could not translate because I did not understand the term).

Now do you understand? As a human, we need to learn about a human’s short life and suffering. In this short human life, we must really do our practice well. Correct or not?

When we are suffering, we are repaying past karmic debts and burning up our bad karma. After you have go through the suffering and the karmic debt had been burned off (repaid), this will pass and in future you would no longer experience it anymore. Correct or not?


There are some people when going through suffering, opted to take revenge. When they take revenge, they create new causes that would result in new (negative) karma. This is called (a Chinese saying) ‘life after life, avenging on one other….when would it ever end?’. Now you do not go and take your revenge, then your debt is repaid and settled (you can see by now, 3:18 min, the lady did not look sad anymore but she was listening intently). Do you understand what I saying?

Yes (she nodded).

And then, let me tell you, your gynecology condition is no good.

My menstruation is not that regular.

Now, I see you have some uterine fibriod, small one. You need to go to a doctor to get it checked. Okay?

Okay, gratitude to Master.

Also your right leg, the curve of the leg.

Yes correct. Two years ago I was involved in a car accident.

Let me tell you, I am able to see even the small details.

My gratitude to Master.

Now do you have any more questions?

No more questions. Thank you.

Do your daily recitals well. Also, could you consider going on a complete vegetarian diet? If you could, I could request the Dhamma protectors to constantly look out and look after you.

Okay I will.

See, now help another person.

Thank you. Today is my first day meeting Master Lu. My number got picked up (the numbers are picked at random for such public totem readings). I feel really happy.

Happy or not? You would not think of taking your life anymore?

No more, for sure no more (the lady smiled happily).

After you meet me, you don’t feel like taking your own life anymore?

Definitely not. My gratitude to Master.

You still got chance. You would still have another karmic debtor (someone who owed her in past life) who would come and look for you. (Note: She suffered in past relationships because she owed the three men. But as she put up and did not seek revenge, she cleared her karmic debt. She would meet someone later who was indebted to her in previous life and would come to repay debt to her).

(The audience laughed and she laughed happily too. The rest is told in a cheerful mood and you can see the transformation in the lady, very different from the beginning)

An older man. I suggest you just let things be. If by that time your spiritual cultivation is good, perhaps you may not want the relationship. If your cultivation is not up to that level yet, and you feel you wish to have someone to grow old with, then you just go and live your life well with him. This man does not look bad, just that not much of hair. He has his own house. This man I also could see him, is not very tall and have a round face.

Slowly wait (for him to appear in your life). Don’t go and die okay?

Okay, thank you.

There have been a number of similar cases which Master Lu Jun Hong had counselled the participants.

There are further totem reading cases which the enquirer also suffer from love problems:

The videos below contains English translations.

At 1.23 min, he mentioned to the lady that her love luck had suffered tremendously and had a terrible impact on her. He mentioned that in her previous life, she was a man. She owed a lot of love debts to women hence this life, she was reborn as a woman to be bullied by other men. That is why he said she would know that her personality is similar with a man.

She then asked about her relationship with her husband. He told her that she has negative karmic affinity with him. He said he is a ladies man (constantly surrounded by women), have a bad temper, lack in ability but behave like a male chauvinist. He said she thought of leaving him and she confirmed it and said she did not know what to do.

He said she has negative karmic affinity with her husband. There are 2 solutions to this:

1. Chant the Mantra to Untie Kammic Knots (Buddhist mantra) 49 times daily.
This mantra helps to resolve negative affinities in any relationships. Before chanting, make a request with Guan Yin Bodhisattva “May Guan Yin Bodhisattva have mercy on me. May Guan Yin Bodhisattva help me (her full name) and my husband (his name) resolve the bad affinity.”

Chant this daily. If after a month there is a change and you could see he is treating you better, then it signifies the karmic affinity between both of you is turning for the better.

If after chanting, the relationship become worse, then let things me. He would not hurt you but would gradually leave you.

2. Also chant Heart Sutra to enable him to come to realization. Before recital, request help from Guan Yin Bodhisattva, “May Guan Yin Bodhisattva help my husband (his full name) to be able to come to realization.”

You can see in the video, even though he is direct, he said in a way that brought smile and laughter to the participant. Because even though he did not know them (as the person that goes on stage are randomly selected out of thousands of participants), he could tell them a lot of their life and their karma.

The video below also have very good advice:


Karmic creditors- in troubled relationships, illness, life threatening events and sudden death

Karmic creditors are beings, in physical or spirit form whom we have owed karmic debts in the past. They become our karmic creditors when they come to collect debts from us. They can cause negative events to happen in our lives such as illness, depression, pain, accidents and even sudden/tragic deaths.

This has long been known and understood by many Buddhists, hence there are ways taught to resolve this issue. I decided to write this article because I understand this concept is virtually unknown or not understood in the West. As I am in a few discussion groups related to illness, I am shocked to see so many people reporting symptoms of illness that their doctors could not cure/not able to diagnose what is wrong …..but to the East, are obviously illness with spiritual disturbance.

I would cover karmic creditors from 2 categories- in forms we can see, and in spirit form.

Karmic creditors in forms that we can see

Often we see this a lot in the relationships we have with the people in our lives. In case of children who come to ‘collect debts’, they would cause the parent(s) a lot of issue, heartbreak and disappointment. In some cases, due to the supportive karma that the child brought with him/her, there would also be a lifelong chronic illness that caused the parent to spend a lot of money, or the child is one of special needs.

In love relationships, it can be seen in the imbalance. For example, a woman could not leave a man who emotionally and/or physically manipulates her. Or she kept find herself being attracted to certain kind of men and suffering a lot of heartbreak when these men used and discard her. In psychology, this behaviour can be explained by childhood trauma and conditioning.

However karmically, it is because she is repaying the debts owe to that person in previous lives. Usually in previous life, the role was reversed, and the men who did this to her in this life were victims in the past life. She was the abuser instead. I have written a blog post on a woman who got disappointed in love again and again who had thought of suicide many times. In the end, she was told it is because of the debts she owed these men in her past life.

Hence, people who harm, bully or are unkind to us most probably have been on the receiving end of our wrath in our past lives. To resolve this issue, you can consider the approach suggested by the late Master Lu Jun Hong of Guan Yin Citta (Xin Ling Fa Men), that is to recite the Buddhist mantra known as The Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots (Chieh Chieh Chou 解结咒). You can refer to this link (Guan Yin Citta branch in Singapore) for more information and the chant.


Karmic creditors in the form of Spirits (invisible beings)

Aside from being in the human form, there are many that come in invisible form, ie in the form of spirits. These are the ones causing certain illness, accidents, depression, hallucination, psychosis, disharmony, sudden outburst of anger, etc.

These invisible karmic creditors can from beings that we have hurt, harmed, bullied or killed in the past. Now that they are in spirit form and are coming to seek revenge. For example:

  • animals that we have killed through fishing, farming, hunting or through operating related work such as restaurants
  • people who we have taken advantaged of, cheated, hurt, bullied or harmed. They are now in spirit form and are coming to extract revenge or seek merits from us.

Example of such cases:

1. Vindictive spirits of older folks eg mother-in-laws who were not treated well by their daughter-in-law and bears a huge grudge and hatred. They could not do anything while alive because they were old and frail, and their son did not stood up to his wife.  Years down the line, the wife suffers from sudden paralysis and muscle degeneration (receiving diagnosis such as ALS) and the late Master Lu was able to name and describe the mother-in-law.

2. Spirits of spurned lovers (can be either current or past lives). Some women when they got cheated, when they pass away with a lot of anger in their hearts, they could cause illness to the men who wronged them in their old age.

3. Aborted/ miscarried babies– these spirits never leave the mom’s side as they do not have enough merits to take rebirth. They would cause illness in the mother, wreck her relationships and cause illness to her live children (because often the best way to take revenge is not to do it on the person who wronged you, but to the people that the person love the most because it will hurt them to the core). I have written a blog post related to my family’s experience as well as a video below:

4. Illnesses that have no cure. For example:

  • aggressive cancers that spread- when one area is treated, it would move to other areas.
  • illnesses that are sudden and unexplained for example ALS– I have always feel that ALS has a strong spiritual cause, that is why until today, medical science could not find any cure.
  • severe bodily pain and fatigue which could not be managed by medication
  • severe auto immune condition

5. Premature demise or passing due to accident, suicide or homicide.

In every person, there is a ‘danger’ period in their life. The spiritual world knows these timing in each person. Hence, they would lie in wait for that timing, and be at that place during that time to extract the revenge. For example, the vengeful spirit knows that at a certain point of time, this person would pass through a certain area or junction- and during that time the person’s life force energy is very low. They would then cause incidents such as the person not able to see an oncoming truck, or they are able to ‘cover’ the eyes of the truck driver to not to see that person. The accident would then occur resulting lost of life.

Or they know this person would go swimming at a certain time and then they will lie to wait and pull their legs down. I am not kidding. When my dad was alive, he worked in the press and there were constant reports of drowning happening even to people who were excellent swimmers. He mentioned that a few survivors reported that a hand come from the bottom to pull their legs down. Some even saw the figure and even the face of the being that came from them and said it was very frightening.

Can one survive such attempts?

The following is a process that has been shared for a long time in ancient Chinese texts. In the spiritual world, there is a ‘legal’ process to obtain approval to seek revenge.  When a person die and goes to the underworld, they would be judged by their action before a Lord of the Underworld (also known as Yama King in Taoist and ancient Chinese texts). Sometimes, they would state their grievances and injustice done to them. Even animals, who have been killed cruelly would state their case (in spirit form, communication is via a universal language of the heart so all beings can be understood).

They cannot cheat, or manipulate the judge (unlike in the human world) because all their thoughts and actions are known. If the Lord of the Underworld feels the case is justified, then official approval would be given for that spirit(s) to come back up to seek revenge at a certain timing (when that person’s life force energy or luck is at the lowest). Hence, these spirits carry with them the ‘official seal of approval’. With this seal, guardian beings cannot interfere. Because that spirit has the right to seek revenge as it has been genuinely wronged.

Can such incident be prevented?

When each person is born, their maximum lifespan has already been written. They cannot live longer than their maximum lifespan. However, before the maximum lifespan is reached, there are ‘danger periods’ or tribulations in a person’s life where a person may go into an accident, encounter a life threatening situation or be very ill. A lot of these timing are caused by the ripening of the person’s negative karma (with or without interference of spirits).

From my observation, due to decline in morality, goodness and humanity, a large percentage would not make it during a tribulation. Meaning they will pass before their ‘allocated life span’ on earth is up. There is a Malay proverb call “mati katak” or ‘death like a (squashed) frog’. It is like die suddenly and in vain.

We can greatly increase the odds of passing these periods through cultivating goodness in our heart and spiritual practice (based on any religion). That means abstain from nasty, calculative or malicious thoughts, words and action. Spiritual practice, with cultivation of inner goodness would raise our vibration and would accord us with protection from the heavens.

There are people who are spiritual hypocrites, ie they appeared spiritual and well in public but harbors a lot of malice, ill-will and treat their loved ones badly. Such people would not get much blessings and protections because while they can deceive the world outside, they cannot deceive the beings of the spiritual world.

Buddhist concept of transference of merits- to repay karmic debts

In the material world, some people can escape the debt owed to others. But one cannot run from karmic debts. When the time comes to ripen, the debts must be repaid. When the karmic creditors come to seek their debts, casting them off through mediums, bomohs and exorcists would not work. The situation may seemed to improve for a while but often, they would be back with a vengeance. Because these beings are bound to us karmically and only we can repay the debt owned to them.

Imagine someone is already very angry with us, we go and hire somebody to beat and hurt that person- what is going to happen? The person’s hatred would be even more. Whatever the problem we are having would become worst as we incur even more wrath from this being.

The Buddhist approach is often to reconcile. First, there need to be genuine repentance. Without repentance, there would be no forgiveness. Imagine we are very angry with someone because they have hurt or harmed us in the past. One day, this person comes along, take some money and throw it to our face and ask us to get lost. Do you think we would take the money and leave? We would even be more insulted and angrier.

We need to understand that all beings that exists in this world, like us wants happiness and wish to avoid suffering. There is no free lunch in this world. What we have taken from others, we have to return back. Hence in life, it is better to rely on ourselves instead of scheming ways to take advantage or manipulate others. Because when we are successful in extracting materials items, money or affection from them, we would need to repay these ‘debts’ in future.

For spirits, we have Buddhist rituals to do transference of merits. We can learn to do spiritual practice eg chanting, prayers and meditation. At the end of each session, we take note of the merits and transfer these merits to our guardian beings and karmic creditors. I really recommend spiritual practice because we would be able to attract goodness and protection from above, as well as remove or reduce obstacles in our lives. Also, while we cannot take any material thing with us when we leave this world, the goodness and merits through spiritual practice is something we can take along with us.

The late Master Lu Jun Hong introduced the “Little Houses” which is a recognized spiritual currency in the spiritual world. With repentance, along with chanting the “Little Houses”,  we can resolve the enmity and negative karmic affinity we have with that being. Through this process, we would also build the spiritual energy within us. Often many people started the chanting out of desperation (because nothing else works) but as they go along, they find they become a better person (less bad temper, develop more compassion and feel happier).

For more information, you can contact any of the Guan Yin Citta branches worldwide or read more about “Little Houses” here. It is something you can do on your own and it does not cost you any fees.

Note: Each Buddhist sect have their form of practice. I do not practice using “Little Houses” as I have my own ways of doing my spiritual practice and transferring merits for 20 years. However, I wish to introduce the Guan Yin Citta’s method as many people had said the methods helped them. I have watched many videos from Master Lu and believe he is a genuine spiritual teacher. His method is also accessible and can be practiced by anyone from any religion.

In the video below, the lady was from another religion but wish to do the “Little House” chanting to help her brother with depression and bipolar disorder. The Master Lu advised (in 3.17 min) that prior to chanting or recitals, she need to ask for forgiveness from God, explaining that she now wants to help her brother to heal and she would be chanting how many chants from Guan Yin Bodhisattva and may God please forgive to enable her to help her brother. He stressed that she must inform God before doing the Buddhist recitals as in between religions, we need to talk to one another and inform. He said to seek help from Nan Jing Bodhisattva whose role is to mediate between different religions and heavens.

I am seeing very horrific manifestation of illness in the West which is not common in Asia. This is because in Asia, elders would suspect or be able to identify if an illness goes beyond physical cause and would opt for spiritual remedies. Whereas in the West, the reliance is very much on medicine and specialists. If it helps, it is great but I have read in forums and private discussion groups that often, there is nothing that could help. Most of the time, medication is given to control the pain or sedate the person in order to control the symptoms- and sometimes even that could not work.

Therefore, I hope you keep and open mind and be open to other possibilities. Always continue with treatment with the doctors but at the same time, please consider spiritual practice because if the illness has a spiritual cause, when the spirits leave, then the body can begin to heal, with the medication and treatments working to heal the physical causes.

Are serial killers like Ted Bundy demon possessed to kill?

Demonic, spirit and influence from unseen forces may be more common that we think. This is what I discovered in my journey of understanding health issues especially related to addictions, mental illnesses, depression, suicidal thoughts, abusers and serial killers.

Especially when it comes to gruesome murders being committed where survivors spoke about how the killers seemed to transform into something that totally frightens them. Ted Bundy (serial killer and rapist) was described as his look changing into someone very frightening- his pupils would turn totally black, his face changed into something very horrifying and it is accompanied by this terrible odor that came out from him.  Whereas Jeffrey Dahmer was said to shapeshift when he was attacking the victims.

Some religious groups are quick to blame the devil, satan and demons for causing all the bad behaviours in humans. To them, deliverance (exorcism) may help to solve the problem. This believe is also common in Asia and other parts of the world where shamanistic medicine is being practiced.

Well, if that is truly the one and only root cause, then exorcism or shamanistic rituals to dispel the entity would have worked. But why do most people suffer from relapse?

Because there is something in the person that condones to those behaviors. In the case of serial killers, I believe they are born with the high propensity of evil within them compared to other human beings. All it takes is a small trigger or event- ie abusive parents and bullies in school to set off these negative impulses.

That explains why not all people who went through traumatic childhood grows up to be serial killers. They may grow up to become addicts to numb their pain but they would not become serial killers because they do not have this trait within them to take the life of another individual away.

These forces are attracted to a person with similar frequency and predisposition towards evil. Forces that attach to people who are capable of performing killings are in a totally different breed than the benign (by comparison) of earth bound spirits who attach and influence people in addictions and depression.

I also felt there is a kammic role in play, in the sense that the demonic entity of the serial killer could have been with the person more than one lifetime. It is powerful and could not be destroyed by any ordinary exorcism because these beings are not the type who would just do as they are told and ‘go towards the light’.

It all started by thought planting and reciprocation

Let’s say if you have an evil friend who is manipulative and intelligent whom you befriended since you were a child. You don’t know why you befriend him when most people just instinctively avoid him. This friend would say the most evil things but was the words you needed to hear each time you are traumatised by abuse, neglect or bully that you have endured as a child.

At first, he started off by whispering to you that so and so is bad, evil, blah blah. Slowly, he started to make suggestion for you to hurt of kill people. Maybe he convinced you that he was God and these people needed redemption. He even device a good plan on how to do it and promise you that you would not get caught.

For most of us, we would run as fast as we can from this evil and lunatic friend. We would shut them out because the humanity and conscience within us overpowers this evil urge. If we find some part of ourselves agreeing with him, we would seek out religious group, mentors or read empowering books to led us back to the right path.

Yes, there are times in life that we may get upset with some people that in the heat of our anger, we may wish something bad happen to them. But even though we are angry, more than 99% of us would not go, take a gun or knife and kill the person.

But in the case of serial killers, they would. All the evil friend, aka the evil force does is keep planting thoughts and it may take years before the person could be ‘groomed’ enough to carry out the instruction and suggestion.

Ted Bundy was an alcoholic when he was a teenager. He could be attempting to do it to shut off those voices as well as deal with the trauma of his childhood. But getting drunk or stoned (taking drugs) is very dangerous because it knocks out our senses and conscious brain. It also weaken our aura or protective shield which eventually resulted in a full possession of the entity.

Acting on the urge

Some do not need to consume drugs or alcohol to numb out their senses. When their minds constantly engage in this negative thoughts, they lose the inherent awareness and spiritual protection. Because they lack awareness, they are not able to differentiate between a ‘planted thought’ and their own thoughts. As their minds get weaker and weaker, eventually the influence of the entity on them is very strong.

The important point to realize here is it is very difficult for a full and complete possession to happen without consent from the individual. Ted Bundy also had a psychopathic and manipulative nature with a sense of wanting total control that operated in similar frequency with the entity that influenced him. Therefore, the entity is merely magnifying one of Ted’s emotional traits.

Each time before Ted Bundy goes out to kill, he has to get himself drunk to shut off the little conscience and humanity in his heart to commit these inhuman acts of cruelty. Like evil, there would be good. He also have a good side of him which is evident from his relationship with his long time partner, Elizabeth Kloepfer. Ted Bundy is not the only killer who is a human with a few selected people in their lives. Even Hitler who committed untold evil in the world, was kind to his wife.

Some of the children of serial killers had no idea that their father is capable of such heinous crime until they are caught by police and evidence is shown to them. These serial killers are said to be good fathers. Examples are accounts from Kerri Rader, daughter of the infamous BTK killer and Melissa Moore, daughter of the Happy Face Killer.


Premonition of death- The feeling that one will die soon

Over the years, newspaper reports of tragic death by accident, sometimes grieving family members would mention about the behavior changes or something their loved one said that indicates the person seemed to know he is about to die.

This can be a premonition of death- and this type usually happens to those of unexpected and sudden death like heart attacks, accidents, natural disasters …..and not by suicide or long illness. When one is not able to explain this, one goes into depression and sadness.

These recent weeks, I came across a few newspaper articles about these premonition that made me decide to write this article, the experience of a family I knew as well as my own personal experience of this.

Newspaper articles:

It was reported that during a landslide in Penang,  some foreign workers were killed on a construction project. One of the victims had a wife who is 3 months pregnant:

Canteen worker Noraini, 32, who is three months pregnant, said she and Ali Razak Mohammad Jamil, 23, were very excited about the pregnancy but now, he would never see his first child.

His body was found by the search and rescue team at 3.27pm yesterday.

“He had been in Malaysia for three years. He used to work elsewhere before finding employment at this construction site a month back.

Noraini added that about two weeks ago, Ali Razak suddenly asked what she would do if he died.

“And three days ago, I cooked his favourite ikan siakap dish but he did not really enjoy it and I did not think too much about it,” she added.

Source: Pakistani killed in tragedy was a father-to-be


In another story where a few children were suddenly swept away from a strong current at a waterfall, the father had a premonition about his daughter the day before the tragedy:

He was heard calling out his daughter’s name as he held the tracksuit.

It was a sorrowful scene, as onlookers and rescuers could only watch as the father called out to his child in a weak, shattered voice.

The tracksuit was found stuck on a tree root by members of the public at 11.15am today, some 500 metres from the location where Aisyah was swept away by currents.

Kassim confirmed that the tracksuit belonged to his daughter and said that she had worn it yesterday morning.

“I sensed something was different about her yesterday as she kissed my cheek and laid down on my lap, as if she was going somewhere very far.

Source: Langkawi waterfall tragedy: Body of last missing child found

True story of a family

One day in October, two siblings were chatting and somehow they arrived at the topic about death. The brother told his sister that he also had the feeling he would not live past 30 years but he already turned 30 so he sort of doubt his feeling. Shocked, the sister asked since when he had that foreboding feeling…because such kind of feelings are not something to be taken lightly. He mentioned since he was about 22 years old.

His sister happened to be involved in spiritual practice for few months and she got a little worried. This was further so when out of the blue, her spiritual teacher told her that she had to practice to help her brother. By November, she got her mom to accompany her to a religious pilgrimage trip and told her mom to pray for the guy’s safety and wellbeing, which the mother did together with his sister.

One day, during the end of December, the guy was on his way back to his house when some snatch thief tried to snatch his bag. The guy, thinking he was some martial arts hero (since he knew a little bit of martial arts) tried to fight the robber off. He then turned to walk off. The robber who had a parang knife hiding inside his jacket, took it out and attacked him from the back. He slashed his head multiple times, almost severing one of his ear.

At the final slash at the back of his neck, strangely, the knife just broke into 2 pieces. Shocked, the robber ran to the bike of his accomplice and they sped off.

In a daze, the guy stumbled back to his home- he was bleeding profusely. A neighbor who happened to be driving past asked him what happened….and why he was covered in ‘red paint’.  The guy managed to vaguely replied that he had been slashed. He then made it home, went into his room and sat on his bed with blood oozing out. His mother who was at home went into a complete panic and rushed out to ask help from the neighbor, who fortunately had decided to turn back from where he was going. The neighbor quickly rushed him to the nearest hospital. Fortunately that day fell on a public holiday so there was not much traffic (as the road to the hospital is well known to be always congested), else, the guy would definitely not make it.

The moment the car arrived at the ER, the guy suddenly felt very cold and he was losing consciousness. The doctors who saw him did not think he would make it but they still tried their best. He was given 6 pines of blood and had the operation to stitch back the wounds and reattached his almost severed ear. The doctors told him it was a miracle that he survived as he had lost so much of blood. And the last slash just missed his jugular artery by a mere milimetres.

Also, he had been slashed at the head and was bleeding profusely. It is at least 30 minutes from the time he was slashed till he arrived at ER.

This case was related first hand to me by the guy. After that incident, I did ask if he ever had the feeling he would die soon.

He told me he no longer had feeling that he was going to die. The experience changed him- he knew it was a miracle he had lived and had profound gratitude. He also donated blood regularly to hospitals.

Feeling as if one is going to die- is it accurate and if it is true, can anything be done to prevent it?

Usually a person who have a premonition would not know precisely when or where death would happen. He just somehow felt as if his time on earth was coming up.

I believe that in most of us, there are markedly a few ‘danger’ periods in our lives in which either we would make it or we will not. That can be marked by incidence of death resulting from illness, accident, attacks, natural disasters or self induced, ie suicide.

Not everyone would have the impeding premonition of doom but if one has it, it does not mean that one will not make it. Over the years, the best preventive attempt I observed that one can take to reverse or nullify it is through spiritual practice.

Even if….. one does not make it alive, the spiritual practice could give one a peace of mind. So there is nothing much to lose.

Each religious faith have ways of trying to overcome this issue.

As I am a Buddhist, I am only able to share what some Buddhist would choose to do based on the real life examples of people whom I know.

In Buddhism, some would make the wish in exchange to undergo temporary ordination as monks or nuns to go into full time spiritual practice for certain period of time. A lady I know was quite a well known Chinese medicine practitioner who is also an advanced meditator (she went into jungles and stayed on her own to meditate for days). At the age of 40, she wrapped up her practitioner business and ordained as a nun- full time due to her spiritual inclination and also the fact that she knew if she had remained a lay person, she would not survive.

True enough, she lost consciousness while on a spiritual pilgrimage in India and nearly died once but was being rescued by another nun with strong spiritual practice. Then she developed neck spondylitis which her head was constantly in a cast. Despite being a good acupuncturist and healer, she could not heal herself (even though she had healed many other people with success in the past). She mentioned to someone the illness was kammic and had to run its course. Also no specialists dared to do the operation as the location of her neck spondylitis made the operation very high risk that there was a high chance that she could be reduced to a vegetative state, losing functions from the neck down. About few years of suffering the painful condition, she encountered a visiting overseas professor who taught chiropractor course at a local university who managed to heal her.

For most of us, it is to make the best use of our time and also to put our affairs in order. For example, ensure we have a will and those of our employee funds or insurance policies have the intended recipients as our beneficiaries. We may also make a pledge to dedicate some of our time to help others if we were to survive ….but such promises must be honored.

I personally known of a lady who suffered from breast cancer in a rural area in Malaysia. Being a Buddhist, she pledged that she would undergo short term ordination for 3 months if she got cured of the cancer.

Her cancer did went into remission. But life got too busy and she was too worried about her children, grandchildren and her farmed vegetables that she kept postponing her ordination.

5 years later, her cancer came back and it had spread to her brain. Panicking, a remembering her promise, she went to a temple to ordain. The moment the teacher shaved her hair, the teacher knew she made a promise and asked her why didn’t she honor it? Eventually she made it to 3 months as  nun and it has been almost 10 years and she is still alive today.

Personal experience

When I was young, during a vacation a group of us girls went to see a quite well known fortune teller in Ipoh town. We waited many hours for our turn to see him. He made some prediction on each of us. For me, he told me that he had a concern that I may not live past a certain age due to certain energies in me not being strong enough.

One may totally disbelief such predictions or take it with a pinch of salt. Some of the life events he predicted about me did come true so I decided to keep in mind of what he said. From then I tried to live life the most purposeful that I could…. not the empty day of indulgence and enjoyment, though I do occasionally indulge myself. But overall, I worked towards using my skills and talents to help others. Also I constantly search for answers in life.

Eventually as my age neared the ‘danger period’, I had a strong sense that I had to quit my job. My brother at that point of time was looking for a better job for few years without any success. I mentioned that I could not quit so long as my brother could not work in a better company (as financially, it would be hard for the household to survived as he had very low salary). Two weeks later, strangely he managed to land in an interview in the multinational company (even though he had not managed to do previously).

The day he signed his letter of offer with the new company, true to the promise I had made, I tendered my resignation. Then through a serious of circumstances, I spent a year in Thailand doing voluntarily work and also deepening my spiritual practice.

I made it through that year.

Earlier this year, one particular night that I was driving home from work – I nearly got hit by a truck while turning out from a junction. Actually, I was supposed to stop at the function but I just don’t know why…. honestly, I really failed to see the oncoming truck. So I turned out the road to go to the other side and was surprised to hear desperate hon sounds. The truck was travelling on that road, a downhill slope and due to its weight and speed, it was moving at a high momentum. The driver must have seen me turning out and by the time he sounded he hon, I was right on his path…my side the driver’s seat being closest to the oncoming truck.

I stared at the coming truck…you know something like a deer caught in the headlights…totally frozen. Thoughts flashed through my mind… that’s it….any regrets? Nope, my heart answered I knew I had done the best I could but I did wish I could have time to contribute more.

Suddenly, the truck, in screeching brakes, managed to stop in time…. very close to hitting my car. Needless to say, the driver looked upset with me. I signalled my apologies profusely to the driver and his co-driver.  I reversed quickly to the back and could see through the rear view mirror the driver at the back staring with his mouth half opened. He quickly reversed his car so that I could have space at the junction to allow the truck to pass.

Should this be taken seriously?

If generally we are not neurotic or suffer from anxiety, but suddenly have this gut feeling of impending doom, I think we should not take this lightly. And I feel that if one have a premonition, it also means one is not doomed and there is a chance to be able to overcome this. The only way I know of how to do it is through spiritual practice like prayers according to one’s religious faith. One should also do one’s best to kind, ask for forgiveness and do not harm others. We ask for forgiveness of any persons or beings that we have harmed in the past or present, knowing or unknowingly. We really have nothing to lose as such practices can put our minds at ease. And it is always good practice to keeps our estate and financials in order, and nominate our beneficiaries or create a trust for our next of kin.

A recommended reading which I found through: The Death Instinct…A Time to Live, and a Time to Die?