Karmic creditors- in troubled relationships, illness, life threatening events and sudden death

Karmic creditors are beings, in physical or spirit form whom we have owed karmic debts in the past. They become our karmic creditors when they come to collect debts from us. They can cause negative events to happen in our lives such as illness, depression, pain, accidents and even sudden/tragic deaths.

This has long been known and understood by many Buddhists, hence there are ways taught to resolve this issue. I decided to write this article because I understand this concept is virtually unknown or not understood in the West. As I am in a few discussion groups related to illness, I am shocked to see so many people reporting symptoms of illness that their doctors could not cure/not able to diagnose what is wrong …..but to the East, are obviously illness with spiritual disturbance.

I would cover karmic creditors from 2 categories- in forms we can see, and in spirit form.

Karmic creditors in forms that we can see

Often we see this a lot in the relationships we have with the people in our lives. In case of children who come to ‘collect debts’, they would cause the parent(s) a lot of issue, heartbreak and disappointment. In some cases, due to the supportive karma that the child brought with him/her, there would also be a lifelong chronic illness that caused the parent to spend a lot of money, or the child is one of special needs.

In love relationships, it can be seen in the imbalance. For example, a woman could not leave a man who emotionally and/or physically manipulates her. Or she kept find herself being attracted to certain kind of men and suffering a lot of heartbreak when these men used and discard her. In psychology, this behaviour can be explained by childhood trauma and conditioning.

However karmically, it is because she is repaying the debts owe to that person in previous lives. Usually in previous life, the role was reversed, and the men who did this to her in this life were victims in the past life. She was the abuser instead. I have written a blog post on a woman who got disappointed in love again and again who had thought of suicide many times. In the end, she was told it is because of the debts she owed these men in her past life.

Hence, people who harm, bully or are unkind to us most probably have been on the receiving end of our wrath in our past lives. To resolve this issue, you can consider the approach suggested by the late Master Lu Jun Hong of Guan Yin Citta (Xin Ling Fa Men), that is to recite the Buddhist mantra known as The Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots (Chieh Chieh Chou 解结咒). You can refer to this link (Guan Yin Citta branch in Singapore) for more information and the chant.


Karmic creditors in the form of Spirits (invisible beings)

Aside from being in the human form, there are many that come in invisible form, ie in the form of spirits. These are the ones causing certain illness, accidents, depression, hallucination, psychosis, disharmony, sudden outburst of anger, etc.

These invisible karmic creditors can from beings that we have hurt, harmed, bullied or killed in the past. Now that they are in spirit form and are coming to seek revenge. For example:

  • animals that we have killed through fishing, farming, hunting or through operating related work such as restaurants
  • people who we have taken advantaged of, cheated, hurt, bullied or harmed. They are now in spirit form and are coming to extract revenge or seek merits from us.

Example of such cases:

1. Vindictive spirits of older folks eg mother-in-laws who were not treated well by their daughter-in-law and bears a huge grudge and hatred. They could not do anything while alive because they were old and frail, and their son did not stood up to his wife.  Years down the line, the wife suffers from sudden paralysis and muscle degeneration (receiving diagnosis such as ALS) and the late Master Lu was able to name and describe the mother-in-law.

2. Spirits of spurned lovers (can be either current or past lives). Some women when they got cheated, when they pass away with a lot of anger in their hearts, they could cause illness to the men who wronged them in their old age.

3. Aborted/ miscarried babies– these spirits never leave the mom’s side as they do not have enough merits to take rebirth. They would cause illness in the mother, wreck her relationships and cause illness to her live children (because often the best way to take revenge is not to do it on the person who wronged you, but to the people that the person love the most because it will hurt them to the core). I have written a blog post related to my family’s experience as well as a video below:

4. Illnesses that have no cure. For example:

  • aggressive cancers that spread- when one area is treated, it would move to other areas.
  • illnesses that are sudden and unexplained for example ALS– I have always feel that ALS has a strong spiritual cause, that is why until today, medical science could not find any cure.
  • severe bodily pain and fatigue which could not be managed by medication
  • severe auto immune condition

5. Premature demise or passing due to accident, suicide or homicide.

In every person, there is a ‘danger’ period in their life. The spiritual world knows these timing in each person. Hence, they would lie in wait for that timing, and be at that place during that time to extract the revenge. For example, the vengeful spirit knows that at a certain point of time, this person would pass through a certain area or junction- and during that time the person’s life force energy is very low. They would then cause incidents such as the person not able to see an oncoming truck, or they are able to ‘cover’ the eyes of the truck driver to not to see that person. The accident would then occur resulting lost of life.

Or they know this person would go swimming at a certain time and then they will lie to wait and pull their legs down. I am not kidding. When my dad was alive, he worked in the press and there were constant reports of drowning happening even to people who were excellent swimmers. He mentioned that a few survivors reported that a hand come from the bottom to pull their legs down. Some even saw the figure and even the face of the being that came from them and said it was very frightening.

Can one survive such attempts?

The following is a process that has been shared for a long time in ancient Chinese texts. In the spiritual world, there is a ‘legal’ process to obtain approval to seek revenge.  When a person die and goes to the underworld, they would be judged by their action before a Lord of the Underworld (also known as Yama King in Taoist and ancient Chinese texts). Sometimes, they would state their grievances and injustice done to them. Even animals, who have been killed cruelly would state their case (in spirit form, communication is via a universal language of the heart so all beings can be understood).

They cannot cheat, or manipulate the judge (unlike in the human world) because all their thoughts and actions are known. If the Lord of the Underworld feels the case is justified, then official approval would be given for that spirit(s) to come back up to seek revenge at a certain timing (when that person’s life force energy or luck is at the lowest). Hence, these spirits carry with them the ‘official seal of approval’. With this seal, guardian beings cannot interfere. Because that spirit has the right to seek revenge as it has been genuinely wronged.

Can such incident be prevented?

When each person is born, their maximum lifespan has already been written. They cannot live longer than their maximum lifespan. However, before the maximum lifespan is reached, there are ‘danger periods’ or tribulations in a person’s life where a person may go into an accident, encounter a life threatening situation or be very ill. A lot of these timing are caused by the ripening of the person’s negative karma (with or without interference of spirits).

From my observation, due to decline in morality, goodness and humanity, a large percentage would not make it during a tribulation. Meaning they will pass before their ‘allocated life span’ on earth is up. There is a Malay proverb call “mati katak” or ‘death like a (squashed) frog’. It is like die suddenly and in vain.

We can greatly increase the odds of passing these periods through cultivating goodness in our heart and spiritual practice (based on any religion). That means abstain from nasty, calculative or malicious thoughts, words and action. Spiritual practice, with cultivation of inner goodness would raise our vibration and would accord us with protection from the heavens.

There are people who are spiritual hypocrites, ie they appeared spiritual and well in public but harbors a lot of malice, ill-will and treat their loved ones badly. Such people would not get much blessings and protections because while they can deceive the world outside, they cannot deceive the beings of the spiritual world.

Buddhist concept of transference of merits- to repay karmic debts

In the material world, some people can escape the debt owed to others. But one cannot run from karmic debts. When the time comes to ripen, the debts must be repaid. When the karmic creditors come to seek their debts, casting them off through mediums, bomohs and exorcists would not work. The situation may seemed to improve for a while but often, they would be back with a vengeance. Because these beings are bound to us karmically and only we can repay the debt owned to them.

Imagine someone is already very angry with us, we go and hire somebody to beat and hurt that person- what is going to happen? The person’s hatred would be even more. Whatever the problem we are having would become worst as we incur even more wrath from this being.

The Buddhist approach is often to reconcile. First, there need to be genuine repentance. Without repentance, there would be no forgiveness. Imagine we are very angry with someone because they have hurt or harmed us in the past. One day, this person comes along, take some money and throw it to our face and ask us to get lost. Do you think we would take the money and leave? We would even be more insulted and angrier.

We need to understand that all beings that exists in this world, like us wants happiness and wish to avoid suffering. There is no free lunch in this world. What we have taken from others, we have to return back. Hence in life, it is better to rely on ourselves instead of scheming ways to take advantage or manipulate others. Because when we are successful in extracting materials items, money or affection from them, we would need to repay these ‘debts’ in future.

For spirits, we have Buddhist rituals to do transference of merits. We can learn to do spiritual practice eg chanting, prayers and meditation. At the end of each session, we take note of the merits and transfer these merits to our guardian beings and karmic creditors. I really recommend spiritual practice because we would be able to attract goodness and protection from above, as well as remove or reduce obstacles in our lives. Also, while we cannot take any material thing with us when we leave this world, the goodness and merits through spiritual practice is something we can take along with us.

The late Master Lu Jun Hong introduced the “Little Houses” which is a recognized spiritual currency in the spiritual world. With repentance, along with chanting the “Little Houses”,  we can resolve the enmity and negative karmic affinity we have with that being. Through this process, we would also build the spiritual energy within us. Often many people started the chanting out of desperation (because nothing else works) but as they go along, they find they become a better person (less bad temper, develop more compassion and feel happier).

For more information, you can contact any of the Guan Yin Citta branches worldwide or read more about “Little Houses” here. It is something you can do on your own and it does not cost you any fees.

Note: Each Buddhist sect have their form of practice. I do not practice using “Little Houses” as I have my own ways of doing my spiritual practice and transferring merits for 20 years. However, I wish to introduce the Guan Yin Citta’s method as many people had said the methods helped them. I have watched many videos from Master Lu and believe he is a genuine spiritual teacher. His method is also accessible and can be practiced by anyone from any religion.

In the video below, the lady was from another religion but wish to do the “Little House” chanting to help her brother with depression and bipolar disorder. The Master Lu advised (in 3.17 min) that prior to chanting or recitals, she need to ask for forgiveness from God, explaining that she now wants to help her brother to heal and she would be chanting how many chants from Guan Yin Bodhisattva and may God please forgive to enable her to help her brother. He stressed that she must inform God before doing the Buddhist recitals as in between religions, we need to talk to one another and inform. He said to seek help from Nan Jing Bodhisattva whose role is to mediate between different religions and heavens.

I am seeing very horrific manifestation of illness in the West which is not common in Asia. This is because in Asia, elders would suspect or be able to identify if an illness goes beyond physical cause and would opt for spiritual remedies. Whereas in the West, the reliance is very much on medicine and specialists. If it helps, it is great but I have read in forums and private discussion groups that often, there is nothing that could help. Most of the time, medication is given to control the pain or sedate the person in order to control the symptoms- and sometimes even that could not work.

Therefore, I hope you keep and open mind and be open to other possibilities. Always continue with treatment with the doctors but at the same time, please consider spiritual practice because if the illness has a spiritual cause, when the spirits leave, then the body can begin to heal, with the medication and treatments working to heal the physical causes.

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