ALS, neurological disorders and sudden paralysis- spiritual perspective

ALS and other neuromuscular degeneration are diseases that have a strong spiritual and karmic cause. Until today, there is no cure for any form of degenerative diseases- medication and treatments can only manage the symptoms.

Below are some case studies of those with sudden paralysis and neuromuscular disorders who went to see the late Master Lu Jun Hong (盧軍宏). Most of these people were previously healthy individuals but suddenly developed the condition. And for each of these cases, he had identified the karmic causes and provided ways to rectify it. When he was alive, he specializes in treating illnesses that doctors could not treat. He mentioned for physical illnesses, to please go to see doctor but for illnesses related to spirits disturbance, he would identify the cause and offer the solution.

The cause is often related to spirits occupying the person’s body, known as karmic creditors (coming to claim karmic debts). These spirits could be from sources such as:

The solution would require 3 practices:

  • chanting “Little Houses” (comprising a combination of established Buddhist chants)
  • life liberation (ie releasing fishes, etc)
  • making vow (ie become vegetarian, dedicate life to help others once get well, etc)

Case 1: Hereditary cerebellar atrophy due to ancestors killed cows

The video above contains English translation. The girl was not able to walk and suffer degenerative disease. Her grandmother also pass from similar disease. Master Lu pointed out that her ancestors were butchers that killed large animal (cows) which resulted in paralysis. The girl also has some supportive karmic condition that caused her to suffer this illness. He said if they perform spiritual practice well, chanted and transfer the merit to enable those spirits to have enough merits to take rebirth, she would be able to stand up and walk again once the spirits leave in 2 years.

He said the girl is a very good girl and her mother confirmed she studied well. The poor girl was crying helplessly being afflicted with this condition. On the spot, Master Lu did some blessing and got her to be able to walk a few steps. This is to give her confidence that she can get better. But the blessing is temporary- as he could only ask the spirits to temporary leave while he did blessing for her. For the illness is karmic is only can be healed by their own individual practice.

He had saved many number of such incurable illness.

Case 2: A man suddenly paralysed from neurological degenerative illness due to deeds of killing of fishes

The man below had went with his father to do a lot of fishing. He suddenly developed this degenerative disease as he grow older. The wife was practically crying at the condition of her husband.

Master Lu advised the lady if they do not practice, he would end up turning into vegetative state and she would need to take care of him. The wife also mentioned his left eye’s nerve got issue, kept causing the eye to jerk. He said reason is because when he killed the fishes, when the fishes were struggling and dying, their eyes also jerked in similar fashion.

Case 3: Boy, born in 96 is paralyzed with dystonia and suffering, always moaning

The video is in Mandarin. The boy could be hear moaning- Master Lu said the boy’s body had a powerful animal spirit and that in his past life, he killed a lot of cows. So now he was moaning similar to a cow.

He said have to chant a whopping 5000 Little House (one Little House would take an average of an hour to chant if one is familiar so 5k will take long time to complete) in order to produce sufficient merits in hope of saving his life. The boy had killed too many cows in his previous life. He said originally when the born was born, he was not like that, he was born normal but when the time comes for the karma to ripen, then only he suddenly degenerated. The parents confirmed it is true.

The parents need to do a lot of life liberation (releasing of fishes). If not, the child would survive. If the family failed to complete the chanting and liberate the fishes, the child (who was 18 years old that time) would not live longer than 6 more years. The child would pass after he finished repaying his karmic retribution of killing that he had done in his past life.

Master Lu then give some blessing to the boy and the boy’s painful moans stopped for a while. He said his neurological disorder was caused by the spirit that is controlling the boy. While this is the karma that the boy brought from previous life, the parents had supportive conditions that caused them to have this child (as the parents suffer terribly when the child is sick). The man actually was previously involved in rearing live crabs for food (deeds of killing), Master Lu also mentioned that in the past, the man was very mean and hurt people. He is a tough guy and is not afraid of pain or suffering on himself. However, when the retribution come on his beloved son, he would suffer unbearably as a father would. That was why the conditions came together in such a way that all the three of them had to go through this. He asked the parents to consistently do the “Little House” chanting and once they have done about 1000 pieces, they would gradually see improvement in the boy.

However, he said if within 1.5 years, if their practice is not enough, the boy will pass within 6 years. So the practice would depend on the parents. If he got better within 1.5 years, then there is hope of survival and recovery.

Case 4: Daughter suddenly develop paralysis due to being occupied by spirit of father’s friend who died in a fire

The daughter suddenly could not move and got paralyzed. Medically it would be classified as ALS related illness. Master Lu was able to describe the face of a burnt spirit who is occupying the girl’s body. He said the spirit could be a brother, friend or a colleague of the father. He asked if the man knew friend, colleague or male relative who passed from being burnt. The man said he had a colleague who passed in 2009.

When Master Lu described the features, the wife froze and said it fits the description of his colleague (the wife also knew him). He provided methods to be able to deliver the spirit (through spiritual practice) so that it can leave his daughter’s body.  She is to continue with physical therapy alongside with the spiritual practice.

The mother said they have taken the daughter to consult Western doctors and was told nothing could be done. Master Lu said that in the past, the man had been in bad relations with the deceased hence it caused anger with the deceased. If they do not practice to transfer merits to the spirit, so long as the spirit is in the body, the problem will recur again and again after treatment. But if the spirit leaves, then the body will start to recover.

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