Children who are not meant to be born (escape from other realms)

There are some beings who are not meant to be born in this world as human. What happens is that they are previously from other realms and have no business coming to take rebirth as a human. Some come from the heavenly realms, as well as from the ghost and hell realms. I know this is hard to believe…..I leave it up to the reader if you chose to believe it or not.

Every realm is governed by rules and regulations. If the time is not up and the being escape, there would be beings, performing enforcement functions who would come to get them. Most of the time, the baby would fail to be born. If at all they succeed to be born, they would be born abnormal, usually with brain development issue or severe birth defects.

However, sometimes the mother has blessings and the baby may be born normal. But the baby would continue to face many dangers in its life or suddenly acquire life threatening illnesses that could cause an early demise. This is because these beings had violated laws of other spiritual worlds since they have no business being born and they would need to be taken back to where they come from.

Please note that not all cases of children with severe development issue is due to this reason. It is just a possibility based on a real life case that I am aware off. Usually, the conditions and disease of the child could not be cured by medical science.

This subject is not something that is discussed by Buddhist Masters but does happen in real life. The late Master Lu (盧台長) of Guan Yin Citta (心靈法門) had addressed this phenomena when he did public Totem readings in his conferences (sadly Master Lu had passed away on 10 November 2021). I wish to share about this so that for Buddhist who may or suspect they may encounter this situation with no medical cure, one can consider spiritual practice.

First case: Constant seizures/epilepsy- escape from hell realm

In the first case, the girl below was said to have escaped from the hell realm. Master Lu said usually in such cases, the pregnancy is often unexpected, including sometimes birth control has been practiced but the mother still got pregnant. The daughter had epilepsy and had frequent attacks. You can see the look of exhaustion and worry in the mother’s face. As we all know, there is no medical cure for epilepsy and the person who has it will find his/her mind continued to be weakened by the attacks due to oxygen deprivation.

The late Master Lu had suggested for the mother to chant “Little Houses” for the girl and perform life liberation.  He told the mother that upon meeting certain numbers, there can be a negotiation to possibly let the girl live.

Second case: Kidney failure, dialysis, escape from hell realm

The talk is in Mandarin and translated into Bahasa Indonesia. The woman below had kidney failure and is undergoing dialysis. Master Lu said in so may totem cases he had done, he said unfortunately this is the first time that he could not do anything to help.

He said she had escaped from the hell realm with the original intent to be reborn as a human to take revenge. She also came with a lot of heavy kamma from bad deeds done in previous lifetime. There was nothing much he could do as he told her honestly that she had been ‘marked’ by hell officers  to be taken back. She would only have 8 months to live. He said she can try to make a huge vow like doing a huge number of chanting and plead with Bodhisattva for help to extend her life. But he told her realistically it would be very hard and she had to be prepared for the worst.

Third case: Congenital Heart Problem, escape from Heaven Realm 

A third case involved a girl who was born with 6 toes. Master Lu said that if a person is born with 6 toes, they either come from above (heaven) or below (ghost or hell realms). The girl really like to go on four leg and crawl. She was born with congenital heart problems.

He checked and realized she was a qilin (heavenly beast wit 6 toes) and she had escaped from the heavens to take rebirth as a human. Already there was a fierce looking being from Heaven who came for the girl since she broke the ‘law’ up there. The girl used to wake up crying after seeing the being.

Master Lu said in the past there are children who formerly escaped from the heavenly realm pass away during a heavy storm with lightning. Because it was how they sneak down and it was how they get caught and brought back up. He said the only way that the mother can try is to make a huge vow in front of the Boddisattva and must fulfill the vow. That is to have the girl to remain on the earth and to practice and help in Buddhism.

There is another video where the person escaped from the ghost realm. The person was a small officer in the underworld but had escaped and when reborn as a human suffer brain deformity. I have viewed the video but not able to find it for now.

Forth Case: Sudden paralysis, escape from heaven realm (previously a heavenly maiden)

Another one is a beautiful lady, who suddenly find herself being unable to walk. The video is in Mandarin and subbed in Bahasa Indonesia. Master Lu mentioned that originally she was a heavenly maiden but ran away from heaven to take rebirth as a human. He said usually if the being come down from heaven, they would follow a heavy thunderstorm when coming down.

He said that every realm have its rules and ‘escapees’ like this would bound to be caught and taken back. He said usually if they come from heavenly realm, the woman would be born extremely beautiful. Her mother said yes, her daughter was known as “fair princess” when she was a child and had many suitors. Also, Master Lu said the daughter was not supposed to give birth to a child since she herself should not be born in the first place. He said in future, her child would also suffer the same fate (unexplainable illness) as the mother.

Unfortunately he mentioned that her lifespan would last for just another 2.5 years before heavenly enforcement officers come for her. He said many of such ‘escapees’ are taken away back to the heaven, usually in a heavy thunderstorm. He suggested that they can appeal to the Nan Jing Bodhisattva (more information here) to appeal to enable her to extend her life and live as a human.

Fifth Case: Sudden blindness, escape from heaven realm

The girl below had some issues with the retina and become almost blind. You need to watch via this link:

He told her that she need to change some unwholesome characters of hers (stubbornness and quick temper). He helped to do some healing and she mentioned she was able to see a little. Master Lu advised her to do spiritual practice (chanting, eating vegetarian diet and life liberation) in order for her eyes to recover (there is no cure for such medical issues).

He said she was previously a heavenly bird that stole down from the heaven to take rebirth as a human. He said her eyes condition happened because while in heaven, she saw some things that she was not supposed to do. He said that from her previous life, in this life, she would have a beautiful voice, and gentle communication that draw a lot of people towards her. He also correctly pointed out that despite being almost blind, she still does cleaning in the house, which she said yes. He told her if she followed her practice, her eyes would recover within a year and 8 months. He asked if she can see better, she said yes, and saw light emitting from his body.


Sometimes, some children have unexplained illness that the parents almost bankrupt themselves spending money on various medical treatments. But nothing seemed to work.

Regardless of the reason, I would suggest that the parent to undergo spiritual practice to help the child based on one’s religious faith. In other words, while seeking medical treatment, the parents also need to do spiritual practice. Stay away from harming or killing other beings (eg fishing, hunting, eating freshly killed seafood, killing lifestock, etc).

For a person who is not meant to be born to be ‘allowed’ to remain here, there has to be a strong purpose. If the person or the parents can live to dedicate their life to spiritual practice and to benefit others, then a miracle may happen. Do remember though, when making any spiritual vows, one cannot break it for when it is broken, the consequences would be worse than not making any.

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