Do not comment on pretty picture on a tombstone

Whenever we see a haunting picture of a beautiful person be in in a tombstone, historical place, old mansion, collabarium, etc, DO NOT make any comments openly be it praising the beauty of the person or ridiculing them. This is because if the person is going through a period of tribulation with low energy and luck, the spirit can attach and follow the person back.

From young, I have heard many stories told to me by my mother’s friends or my late dad (who worked in the press and heard of these stories being reported) of cases where a healthy person just due suddenly from a short illness not long after visiting certain places.

It was later found out that a spirit had followed the person home after being provoked or the spirit had simply fallen for that person from a comment that was made. The parents sadly find this out after checking with the friends and consulting a medium after their beloved child had passed.

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