Toddler and young children’s accidental deaths

Recently I have been coming across news of tragic death of toddlers and young children when they were placed under care. In this article, I would touch on some spiritual aspects of these incidents which may not be something you have heard before but is relatively known amongst elders in Asian countries.

There was a case in Singapore where a grandma who had cancer and was undergoing treatment had to put her granddaughter under the care of a nanny. One day, the nanny brought the child to visit her grandmother in hospital. In the lift, the nanny was preoccupied with the phone and then she absentmindedly exited the lift without the child. The lift door then close suddenly with the child being alone in the lift. Which is kind of unusual because visiting hours in a hospital, lifts are usually packed. From the camera records, one could see the child suddenly got very terrified.

Then the lift opened suddenly at the 6th floor. The child ran out and next thing, she climbed up the window and jumped down to her death. The grandma was so heartbroken that she refused further treatment and succumbed to her cancer few months later.

Another case happened in the West where a grandma was charged because 2 toddlers from her daughter that were placed under her care had died. In the first case, the grandma was looking after the toddler when she suddenly felt very tired and dozed off to sleep. The toddler then ran to the swimming pool and drowned there.

When another child came along, it also died via accidental death.

Invinsible friends – some can turned sinister

Parents would notice that sometimes their young children or toddlers seemed to be always playing with an invinsible friend. Usually when the parents are around, it is not so obvious but baby monitor and cameras often picked up on these unusual behaviour as if the child is speaking to someone.

I would like to share on some recent stories I have heard and the supernatural causes behind it…

First case

There was a real story shared by someone who used to live in the estate plantation in Malaysia when she was very young. Each night, she would see a boy (only she could see him) who would try to make friends and play with her.

Eventually, he started hanging around near the window of the second floor. And then, he kept gesturing her to come and play jump. He would show it to her how it is done and keep urging her to follow. This made her a little uncomfortable and she told her mother about it.

The family quickly move out and after that she never saw that boy anymore.

Second case

Another case happened in Hong Kong. A couple had a baby who always cried at night- the baby slept in a separate room in a baby cot. When they installed a baby monitor, they were terrifed because they could sometimes see objects like a toy moving on their own. One day, the mother found the baby on the floor.

The baby was only a small toddler and the cot actually had very high barrier. It was quite impossible for the baby to be able to climb out of the cot. The man had a friend who had the ability to see spirits so he asked his friend to come over to take a look.

Long story short, the friend found that there is a real child spirit who was trying to harm this toddler. What happened was the man (the father of the toddler) actually had an affair with a woman from his workplace. The colleague had gotten pregnant. At the same time, the man’s wife also gave birth to the child. The man decided to clean up his act and ended the affair but he paid the colleague a large sum of compensation.

But the colleague, aka mistress was very vindictive. What she did was she had a powerful black magic ritual done where she used her own aborted fetus to create a powerful curse. It was done in a very cruel way to the fetus of the spirit where it involved getting blood and fluids of the fetus which were made into 9 nails and hammered into a ceiling located right above the man’s apartment unit (his unit was the highest, aka penthouse floor). It was mentioned it was very hard to neutralize this and only thing the couple could do was to move out and that the unit should not be rented or sold to anyone as it would cause disturbance to any occupants.

The two above are recent stories I have heard. Over the years, I have heard of stories being told, some by grieving parents who lost their child and sought advice from spiritual masters as to why, and some were told directly by those who had sinister ‘imaginary friends’ who wanted to cause them harm.

Why would unseen beings want to cause harm to an innoncent toddler?

There are many causes as to why this could happen. We need to keep in mind that no one in their sound mind would want to harm any toddler or human because they would need to go to jail for this. In this article, I am leaving out psychopaths and those who are born without a conscience as I have covered about them in a separate post.

I can only highlight briefly causes that I know.

1. The invisible friend is actually an aborted or miscarried child from the parents
I have said it in the past and I would say it again. There would be karmic and spiritual consequences of having an abortion. I know because my own mother had done it and when I was young, I was able to perceive a hostile presence in my home and a constant feeling that my parents were in danger. That turned out to be true when after 2 decades from the abortion, my dad passed and my mother nearly loss her life- at the same time.

Most of the time, the spirit always stay by the side of the parents. Initially the spirit would be confused but it would later figure out that their mother denied them of a chance to take rebirth. As they were supposed to be born as a human, when that chance is cut off, most of the time they cannot go anywhere. That is why some spiritual masters often can tell how many abortions a woman had done by seeing how many child spirits that are surrounding the woman.

The more abortions the woman had done, the more of these are around. And when the woman eventually decided to embrace motherhood and give birth to a child, one can only imagine the resentment these spirits feel as they see their mother, who rejected and killed them, are now dotting and loving this toddler.

Often the child would survive unless their life force energy and kamma is weak. But from these interference, it would cause the child to be either very sickly (like having leukemia or seizures) or have severe uncontrolled behaviour.

The same goes for miscarriage even it may not be the fault of the mother.

2. The spirit is in the house and trapped there
Sometimes, the house itself come with problem. It happens even with newly constructed houses as we do not know the history of the place.

If the issue is from the house, usually moving would solve the problem like the story about the child living in the estate where the problem was solved after the parents moved house. But if the problem still recurr even after moving places and countries, then it could be the issue within either the parents or the child’s own kamma.

3. Karmic creditors 
Karmic creditors are beings we have harmed before in the past. Some when taking the form of spirits can be unseen and cause harm to us. Like the first point of aborted children, they would become the parents’ karmic creditors.

Often karmic creditor would target and harm the children because it is where it hurts the most. Some people have a fearless nature and are not afraid of anything but when they see their children getting hurt or harmed, their heart would break into pieces. Hence sometimes children become the target especially from parents who have done deeds like killing or harming other living beings.

You may say that this would be very unfair to a child who is completely innoncent. In my life, I’ve come to understand that if there is no cause, there would not be an effect. The child themselves also meant to incurr the effect as kamma is what cause them to be born to that set of parent to suffer that type of consequences.

On the reverse, some children come with their own set of past kamma, usually related to a lot of killing done in past life, that would create the effect of a short life.

Hence, there can be many causes and can be complicated. I explain some possible causes above but it is not for us to dwell in it. Because causes all happen in the past and there is no point of dwelling over it. But the past help us to identify the cause and from there, we can work on how to remedy the situation.

What precautions can be done to minimize the negative effects and dangers?

1. Be aware that toddlers and babies still have very weak life force energies

In olden practice of all cultures, newborns are usually not shown or taken out especially at night. Not only that, there are also a whole lot of cultural practices surrounding a woman when she was pregnant to protect her as during that period she is also surceptible to harm.

But nowadays, people take their newborn to shopping complexs, and scrolling even at night when at that stage of their life, they should be protected. There is a lot to say on this subject alone and I’ll leave it for another blog in future.

2. Doing meritorous deeds and repentence rituals for aborted/miscarried babies

For aborted or miscarried children, in Chinese cultures, in olden day they would perform meritorious and repentance rituals to help deliver the spirit to a better state of birth. Even these rituals are subjective – they sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Because we all have to be responsible for the acts we have done and often we cannot ‘outsource’ it to someone by paying money to solve our problem. But regardless, having the intention and taking action to try to make amends is better than not doing anything at all.

In Thailand, some mothers actually go through temporary ordination or go into spiritual retreats and practice, and from there dedicate the merits to the unborn child.

3. Doing own spiritual practice and transferance of merits

By far the best way for protection is to do spiritual practice on our own. It is important that with spiritual practice like prayer, chanting, meditation….it also needed to be come with goodness within.

Harming and killing other beings, thinking bad/evil/being jealous of others, and gossiping/ spreading malicious lies would undo all the good that we have done.

It is with a combination of spiritual practice, and developing one’s values and morals in line with one’s religious tenants that would increase our spiritual vibration and help us to get protection. We may not be perfect or are a saint but at least we have to try.

I have researched and experimented with ways for protection and I have find this is the only approach that works in the long term.

If a person have spiritual practice with good inner quality, they would attract protection from heaven. And from good samaritians who happened to be in the right place, at the right time so when that baby or toodler is undergoing grave spiritual dangers in their life, they got rescued:

Here are some examples:



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