Unruly and uncontrollable child- spiritual causes

Below concerns a case where a child’s behavior is uncontrollable. The child in the video below starts to crawl on the floor. The late Master Lu told the parents it is due to karmic and spiritual disturbance.

Date and Location: 26 August 2016 in Malacca, Malaysia
Child: Born in 2007 (zodiac year of the Pig)
Issues: Child unruly and undisciplined. Crawling around the floor and moving non stop.

Master Lu’s diagnosis and advice:

1. Result from past deeds of killing performed by the family/ancestors.
The father agreed and said they used to consume wildlife meat. Master said there is a spirit that resembles one of a leopard like animal which is aggressive. It will make her to go and attack and hit people.

2. He requested the parents to go full time vegetarian and do recitation diligently. He knew they have regressed in their practice which was confirmed by the father. The Master then advised the audience do not recede. Persevere and be consistent in practice. He said one has to chant a certain number of mantra but is too busy, don’t just stop chanting. At least chant once to keep the momentum going. Simile is like a pot of boiling water- if we just off the fire, the water will cool down. But if we keep low fire going, the water will retain its warmth.

3. The child is a karmic creditor, this life coming to collect karmic debts.
The child will cause her parents to spend money equivalent to the cost of a house.

His advice to all is that if the child has a spirit in his/her body, the parents must cultivate sincerely. Do recitation and pray to Guan Yin Bodhisattva for blessing and protection.

The child’s daily homework (to be done by the parents on behalf):

  • Heart Sutra 21 times
  • Great Compassion Mantra 17 times
  • Great Repentance Mantra 5 times.

Chant Little Houses 3300 times properly (separate from daily homework). Release 24000 fishes. He said with the parents’ diligence, the child would recover within 1 year and 3 months.

He said they must have faith and confidence. If chant diligently, perform life liberation and make great vow, she can recover faster but would still require minimum 1 year. The Master mentioned he had bodyguards around him whose children were in worse condition as these parents. Now the children have all recover and even learning how to play the piano.

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