Why do we allow some people to hurt us so deeply?

I wanted to post this short video for those who are going thru a heartbreak and in a lot of emotional pain. When going through the pain the suffering and pain can be so great that there seemed to be no relief in sight…. which may cause some to try to desperately seek a way out thru substance addiction or harming oneself:

But my friend, one day the pain will go away. It will NOT last forever. This is due to kammic force which would one day burn itself out. It may seem not to end but trust me, it would (view related post about a woman who consistently suffered heart break 3 times and she was in despair).

The song I have chosen is Mandarin evergreen anthem for the heartbroken folks who understand Mandarin. This song portrays the intense feeling and emotion of someone going thru this situation and I’ve tried to translate the Mandarin lyrics to English for the benefit of those who do not understand Mandarin.

The same situation applies where these behaviours ….ie over giving, deep intense love, feeling and sacrifice for someone who does no seemed to appreciate. Having being disappointed by the same person again and again yet we keep going back. And some who are in this situation have the credentials that enable them to have basically anyone they want… yet they still choose to be repeatedly lied to and hurt by a jerk. The people around them don’t understand, and frankly they too could not understand why they could not live without that person.

Other common examples are a parent who show obvious preference for one particular child hurting the other children. And usually the child they love the most turns out disappointing them and not being by their side when they need the child the most.

The way I find is that it relates to past karmic energies, where if we treat someone badly, we would end up owing that person a kammic debt which has to be repaid in future existance. Like the Newton’s third law…an action would generate an equal and opposite reaction.

If you have been through a deep heartbreak before, you would understand that it can go on for years and it felt that the intense emotional pain (often followed by physical manifestation of pain and illness as well) seemed to last forever with no end.

But one day, you may just wake up or a change come into your life and you realize you no longer have anymore feelings for that person. That is because the love debt have been fully repaid and the karmic fire had exhausted.

However, most people when they have been wronged, dumped or cheated upon would think of seeking revenge. There was even a trend at one time called nuclear revenge where the person plotted revenge which lead total destruction of the other person’s life. I urged you not to seek revenge because if you do, you would continue the negative destructive cycle.

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